What happens when you let your 3-year-old dress you…

This intrepid mummy blogger let her toddler choose her clothes for 5 whole days. That's brave. Would you?


We pick our children’s outfits every day, but have you ever wondered what would happen if you let your child choose YOUR outfit? Well one blogger was dying to find out so she let her 3-year-old son Rockwell have full control of her wardrobe for 5 days.


“How crazy could it be?” blogger Summer Bellessa writes for Babble. “I like everything in my closet, and I mix and match items all the time. Well, let’s just say it was interesting. And above just being interesting, it was a fun experience to have with my little guy.”

You can see the first day’s outfit above – a rock-influenced ensemble comprising a Bob Dylan T-shirt and grey pencil skirt. So far so good, but Summer wasn’t impressed with his choice of nude shoes with black tights.

“I walked down the stairs to show off my outfit to my husband,” she wrote. “I waited for a laugh, but he didn’t notice anything different.”

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Polka dot leggings

This was Summer’s “favourite” outfit from the experiment with polka dot leggings, a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and gold shoes.


Crazy socks

A floral dress, and clashing bright socks and trainers? We have to admit this is more the sort of outfit we’d expect a 3-year-old to choose.


Mismatched shoes

Well, at least they’re both leopard print! “I don’t think he realized that they were two different shoes,” Summer wrote. “If my closet was at all organized, he probably wouldn’t have had that problem,” she admits.


Wrong boots

“Are these close enough?” Rockwell asked, pulling out these mismatched boots. “Yup they are,” Summer replied.

By the 5th day the toddler was getting a little bored of the experiment but Summer insists it was a fun experience. “Silliness is good for your kids and for your heart,” she wrote.

Would you take the plunge and leave your fashion choices to your little one?

Photos: Instagram / Summer Bellessa

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