Why are women using toothpaste for DIY pregnancy tests?

More and more women are giving it ago, apparently....


Wow – we’ve really have heard it all now. Apparently, the interweb is awash with potential mums-to-be making DIY tests with toothpaste and wee. 


Some people are even sharing their Colgate and urine experience on YouTube, and showing how they are making the tests, and what a positive result should look like.

So how does it work? Well, one website, negativepregnancytest.com, reckons that if a pregnancy is detected by using the wee-and-toothpaste method, then the paste will change colour or begin to froth.

“The chemical makeup of the paste interacts with a pregnant woman’s urine to cause this noted change. Women have been using this homemade option for years now with relatively favourable results,” it claims.

Despite our scepticism (we must admit, we do have a bit), women seem to be searching for it  – Google Trends, (which analyses what people look for online) shows that searches for ‘toothpaste pregnancy test’ has increased steadily over the last 13 years.

Which suggests there is a whole lot of at-home lab work going on… And it would seem it’s not just tubes of Aquafresh that are being utilised either – apaz women are also testing with bleach and even sugar….

As we say, we know that we all want to find out asap, and we guess that if you just try this as a bit of fun when you’ve already used a proper test, then no harm done – but we wouldn’t be doing this as our first port of call to find out whether we should be changing the spare room into a nursery any time soon – would you? Do tell us in comments or on Facebook.

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