If you think a family game of Monopoly or Cluedo is the perfect family pastime this Christmas, you may need to think again, as it’s been revealed dads go all out to win when they play with their little ones.


A study of 2,000 parents, conducted by LEGO Games, discovered 13% of fathers refuse to let their children win because they can’t bear the idea of losing themselves, while most mums happily throw a game so their child can enjoy the thrill of being victorious.

Mum’s easy approach compared to dad’s ‘school of hard-knocks’ lesson can cause quite a commotion, with 30% of parents admitting to rowing with their other half about it.

What happened to ‘it’s the taking part that counts’?!

But even though Christmas can be a minefield of board game politics, 52% of mums and dads say they regularly play classic games with their brood.

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The UKs most competitive parents was also revealed, with the Welsh voted most likely to cause a bust-up, and Northern Irish mums and dads being crowned the least competitive.

“Parents can be accused of mollycoddling their kids when it comes to playing games,” said LEGO Games spokesperson, Jo Merton.

“With younger children especially it’s understandable that you don’t want to hinder their confidence but instead encourage them to take part in family games.”

“To add to the pressure, sometimes losing can lead to tearful tantrums – which many parents would rather avoid at all costs.”

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Does your little one's dad think he’s a board game Jedi and hates to lose?

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