Why you should never leave your shopping list unattended

Fart jokes everywhere…


Ah toilet humour. Is there anything funnier to a 6 year old than discussing farts?


Of course not.

So we’re not really that surprised at the rather rude additions this 6-year-old boy made to his parents’ shopping list.

And we can just imagine how HILARIOUS he thought he was being as he meticulously wrote “butt” out for the 8th time.

Not to mention the 3 mentions of “farts” and a rather amusing anecdote about someone who “stuck their butt into the toilet!”

There’s also a rather more subtle addition of “car” further up the list – yeah we’re not sure you can sneak that one in!

“My brother & his wife left a shopping list unattended, their 6-year-old son got to it, and …” aunty Anne wrote, sharing the note on Twitter.

Perhaps a career in comedy writing awaits?

Photo: Twitter / Anne B

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