Will children naturally share? – VIDEO

Action Against Hunger launches one sandwich, two children sharing experiment, to see whether sharing is natural and highlight the fight against malnutrition




In a bid to raise awareness of world hunger, humanitarian organisation Action Against Hunger (AAH) has conducted a small experiment in an attempt to find out if sharing is a natural instinct.

In conjunction with its findings AAH has released a heartwarming video revealing what happens if, one child get food but their peer doesn’t!

The Sharing Experiment divided 20 children into pairs. One child was given a snack and the other an empty plate. It was up to them to decide whether or not to share their food while being filmed by a hidden camera.

“The world produces more than enough food to feed everyone, yet 3.5 million children still die from malnutrition-related causes every year,” said AAH’s Executive Director, Jean Michel Grand. “The power of sharing is helping our teams to save children’s lives every day and we believe that everyone can learn something from the Sharing Experiment,” Jean explained.

For more info about The Sharing Experiment visit the Action Against Hunger website.


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