Woman aged 72 spends thousands on IVF

A 72-year-old has spent £30,000 on fertility treatment – and is still trying


Jenny Brown, 72, has undergone six courses of IVF – at a cost of £30,000 – and is still trying to conceive.


Jenny, from London, has always wanted children but dedicated her early life to academia, achieving degrees in medical sciences and zoology. She is now determined to have a baby.

“I’d always had it in the back of my mind that when the time was right I’d like to have a child,” Jenny told Closer magazine. “The right time came in my 50s and since then I’ve been attempting – and failing – with IVF.”

After advertising for a sperm donor 20 years ago, Jenny has since spent £30,000 at IVF clinics in America and Italy trying to conceive. She’s now planning to apply to clinics in Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and India where they can legally give IVF to women of her age.

Jenny is determined to carry a baby herself and after the failure of her own eggs, she’s now appealing to women between 20 and 35 to come forward as possible egg donors.

“It’s important that I carry the baby myself because I believe that even if I get pregnant with a donated egg I will pass genetic material on to the baby while I carry it in the womb,” says Jenny.


MFM mums, tell us what you think! Is Jenny right to satisfy her desire for children at her age or would it be unfair on the child if she were to succeed?

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