Woman gives birth to her son’s baby

Mum acted as surrogate for her gay son


A woman in Mexico has given birth to her son’s baby, after she stepped in as a surrogate.


The mum, who remains anonymous, delivered her son’s baby that he had conceived using IVF and a donated egg – he’s in a gay relationship. Before this gets too much like a soap opera, this means she’s not grandma and mum – she’s just the grandma who offered to be a surrogate womb for the baby.

At the moment she is helping to care for the baby and according to reports also nursing the little boy. But the woman has admitted to a newspaper in Mexico that she feels strange acting as both mum and grandmum to the baby.

“I don’t feel like a mother nor a grandmother,” she admitted. “When they say ‘mother’ to me I feel strange, and also when they say ‘grandmother’. He was my first grandson and I don’t feel that way because at the same time he is my fourth son.”


The family say they have documented the baby’s birth so one day he’ll know the truth about his origins. That will be one heck of a baby box…

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