Woman pregnant with duodecaplets?

Mum-to-be rumoured to be expecting six girls and six boys


A Tunisian woman in her 30s is pregnant with a record breaking 12 babies, it has been claimed.


After turning to IVF treatment after two miscarriages, the unidentified mum-to-be is said to have conceived six girls and six boys. It’s speculated that she’s due to give birth any day now.

Her husband, named only as Marwan, has spoken out about the couple’s bumper pregnancy. “In the beginning, we thought that my wife would give birth to twins but more foetuses were discovered. Our joy increased with the growing number,” he has said.


If news of the duodecaplet mum-to-be is true, she will trump the current record holder of multiple births, Nadya Suleman who gave birth to eight babies – six boys and two girls – in January this year.


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