Women without children believe they work harder than working mums

New survey reveals unspoken antagonism at work


In a large new survey that has been carried out on working British women, it is revealed that women without children believe they work harder than the working mothers with children they are employed alongside.


Research of 5396 womens views have perhaps asked some previously taboo questions for the first time, and some very interesting perceptions are uncovered.

Whilst Westminster debates whether it is fair to only give flexible working rights to parents, women who don’t have children already feel as if they are picking up the slack of their colleagues when they have to dash away to look after their families. The survey suggests this number is as large as 41%.

Reported in The Telegraph but carried out by Red magazine, the survey brings to light the often opposing emotions that parenthood can bring. 59% of working mums felt ‘overwhelmingly guilty” they aren’t at home enough whilst in contrast 86% viewed work as a rest and looked forward to the adult interaction that the office often brings.

Still significantly half of all child-free women admitted they wouldn’t want to swap places with colleagues who have children to look after as they perceived them as having “two full-time jobs”. Praise indeed!

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