A second man has revealed he is pregnant and due to give birth to a baby boy in February. Scott Moore, and his partner Thomas, were both originally born as girls and later had sex changes. Scott was inseminated with the sperm of a male friend and got pregnant in June 2009.


The unconventional couple, who live in California, already have two sons, Gregg, 12, and Logan, 10, whom they adopted. They are the children of Thomas’s former girlfriend who died.

Scott, who was originally called Jessica, realised he wanted to change sex from the age of 11. "I was always a tomboy,” he told the Daily Mail, “but when I started to develop breasts I realised I'd been born in the wrong body.

“When I told my family, they thought I was crazy, but they gradually realised I was serious and allowed me to start taking male hormones when I was 16 years old."

He decided to keep his female birth certificate and was therefore able to legally marry Thomas.

"I opted not to have a penis because I couldn't afford it and I didn't think the results were very good - it had nothing to do with wanting children because back then I didn't think I'd ever have them."

The couple have faced difficulties during the pregnancy, finding it hard at first to find a doctor or midwife who would treat them.

However, they’re now looking forward to the impending birth. “We want to show the world that trans-families can be healthy, loving and nurturing,” explained Thomas.


The first pregnant man was Thomas Beattie who gave birth to a baby girl in 2008.


Susie Boone, Editorial Director MadeForMums
Susie BooneEditorial Director, MadeForMums