“Yummy mummies” unrealistic, survey finds

More than two thirds of women believe celebrity "yummy mummies" are putting mothers under pressure to live up to an unrealistic ideal, a survey has found.


Almost half of those polled regarded Victoria Beckham as an unrealistic role model (42%) followed by Angelina Jolie (11%) and Madonna (9%).


The survey, carried out for a cosmetics firm, found mothers are feeling under pressure on a variety of fronts.

Four in five say they feel pressure to look good and feel sexy for their partner and more than a third say they feel the need to be a successful career woman as well.

Just over 32% believe that men no longer notice them since they’ve had a child.

Psychologist David Moxon said: “When an ideal like ‘yummy mummy’ is forced on society, particularly when it’s spearheaded with unrealistic celebrity role models, it alters expectations and attitudes towards motherhood.


“When society starts to place idealistic views of how mums should appear it not only leaves them feeling disillusioned with their own lives it can also lead to partners, family members and friends being dismissive when mums in their own life don’t live up to these unrealistic expectations.”

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