These regal baby names have been used by the British monarchy and other royal families for over a thousand years... Which is your fave?



William has been a royal name in the UK for nearly one thousand years. A strong and ever popular name, which could be thanks to Prince William the son of the current Prince of Wales. Means “resolute protector”.


Is a popular and timeless royal name. There have been eight King Henrys with the last being one of the most famous, Henry VIII. It is said to mean “estate ruler”.

Prince Charles’ son is called Henry but is affectionately known as Prince Harry


This name has a rich royal history in England, with the most famous King Richard nicknamed “Richard the Lionheart”.

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He was best known for his courage so it’s not surprising that Richard means “brave and strong”.


Philip is a very popular boys name and is the name of the current Duke of Edinburgh.

There have been several King Philips throughout Europe. It is said to mean “friend of horses”.


This royal name became more common in 19th century because of Queen Victoria’s beloved husband Prince Albert. Albert is said to mean “noble” and “famous”.


This name has a royal history and the current Duke of York is called Prince Andrew. It is said to mean “manly” and “strong”.


Charles is a very traditional name and is the name of the present Prince of Wales, father of Princes William and Harry. There have been Kings named Charles in France, Spain, Portugal and Hungary as well as England.


This is a very popular name for baby boys, as it is both classic and traditional.

There's Saint George, the patron saint of England. There have also been four English Kings called George.

Of course, it's also the name of 3rd in line to the British throne, Prince William's son, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.


The name Edward appears throughout Royal history, and it is the name of the current Queen’s youngest son. It means “happy guardian”.


Stephen is a classic boys name. England has had a King Stephen on the throne (1135 to 1154) and the name is said to mean “crown” or “garland”.


A popular name for royals across the globe. But here in the UK, it was most famously used by King Alexander III, who reigned as King of Scots in the 1200s, and as the middle name of 3rd in line to the British throne, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.


A French moniker, made famous by the many Kings of France who used it. It's also one of Prince George's middle names.


Who doesn't recognise the regal name Arthur? In addition to becoming quite trendy as of late, thanks to reality stars like Billie Faiers, it is of course the name of legendary swordsman King Arthur.

Queen Victoria's grandson was also named Arthur.


The name chosen by Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, for his only son.


Did you know there was once a young Prince John of the United Kingdom?


Freddie's a lovely boy's name - but also quite a regal one! In the early 1700s, a Frederick held the title Prince Of Wales, and was the heir to the British throne. He was also the father of King George III.

Later, King George III named of his sons after his father. Prince Frederick was then known as the Duke Of York and Albany.


Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, was the second son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

We can imagine lots of mums and dads picking the softer version of this regal name, Alfie.


Queen Victoria's youngest son was named Prince Leopold.


There isn't a huge history of royal Michaels, from what we can tell. However, Prince Michael of Kent is Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin.


There have been many royal Carls throughout European history. Presently, Sweden has Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Varmland.


Several European kings have shared the name Oscar. It's a name of English origin, which means 'Divine spear'.


Nicholas is a common named used by the Romanian royal family. Prince Nicholas of Romania lived from 1903 - 1978.


Daniel only became a regal name recently, when Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden married her personal trainer, Daniel Westling.

He's now known as Prince Daniel of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland. Daniel is actually a Hebrew name, which means 'God is my judge'.


Given that Victoria, after Queen Victoria, is considered one of the great regal baby names for girls, we decided to include Victor for a boy.

Something a bit different for the Duke and Duchess with baby no 3? Only time will tell...

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