13 surprises about giving birth

Many of our mums agree labour wasn't quite how they imagined it would be...


When it comes to labour, one thing’s for sure – no two births are the same.


Whatever you read or watch before you go through it, it’s hard to be fully prepared, as the experience is so unique. And there are bound to be a few surprises.

We asked our mums on Facebook what surprised them most about giving birth and we were inundated with responses.

Remember, these are very individual, and just because they happened to some of our our mums, doesn’t mean you’ll go through the same thing.

In no particular order, here’s what they said:

1. How much it feels like pooing

“It feels like you’re going to pass a poo along with your baby as you crown. All 3 times now I was certain I was going to poo at that point,” – Jade L

2. It’s not as bad as you think

“It wasn’t the horror show everyone told me it would be! It was quick but wonderful and beautiful! Best thing I’ve done,” – Lauren D

3. How cold you feel

“Being absolutely freezing … shivering… due to blood rushing down to one area,” – Sarah G.

4. How short it is

“How quick it was. Not as painful as I imagined,” – Wunmi O

5. ….or how slow it is

 “How long it can actually take to get to 10cm,” – Karen M


6. How the gas and air makes you feel

“How out of it gas and air makes you! I didn’t even acknowledge my son after my emergency c-section as I was off my head! It slowly dawned on me he was here when he started to breastfeed on his own.

‘What’s that on my boob?! Oh it’s my son! Totally clueless lol,” – Jo M

7. The stitches

 “The after birth stitches…. They hurt more than the labour itself!! Wow!” – Jenny P

8. The love you have for your newborn

“After spending my whole life thinking I wasn’t maternal I was surprised at just how much I love my son,” – Robyn G

9. How it feels the first time you stand up

 “The thing that most surprised me was when you first stand up after birth. Literally felt like your insides are dropping out,” – Sarah B

10. The size of the placenta

“How big the placenta is!!.. it was HUGE!!” – Jenny P

11. Going through after-birth

 “The after pains.. oh, the after pains. No one mentioned they happen and no one mentioned they get worse after each baby,” – Amanda D

12. How good it feels to eat afterwards

“How amazing is the tea and toast?! ? But anything heavier and you feel like your stomach will not hold it. Lol. Weird after months of having a baby holding up your stomach,” – Caroline D

13. How your body ‘takes over’

“Instinct completely takes over your body when pushing,” – Katie M

What do you think?

What surprised you most about labour? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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