13 weeks

How are you feeling at this stage? One of our mums has said the 'sickness has gone' by week 13. And thanks to Tiffyp for sharing her bump at 13 weeks + 6 days.


AromaticKate @ 13 weeks + 6 days

We're loving seeing all the pics of your bumps and how they come in all shapes and sizes! Please keep them coming!


Charlamine @ 13 weeks + 4 days

Here is my bump at 13+4.. So much bigger then I was first time around. It's quite low which makes me think boy!! - charlamine


Madambel @ 13 weeks + 4 days

Ah I'm 13 weeks 4 days today and you can only see my bump when I'm lying down. I just look fat when I'm standing up haha, my clothes are getting snug on me especially my jeans and I've got one pair that are super comfy but I wear them daily for work ? Day off today so I'll be sporting leggings, wish I could live in them - MadamBel

Rebecca Gazzi

Rebecca @ 13 weeks

Leanne Belshaw

Leanne @ 13 weeks

Lauren Eden

Lauren @ 13 weeks

Kelly O'Neil

Kelly @ 13 weeks

Jenny Bullous

Jenny @ 13 weeks

Gemma Balfour

Gemma @ 13 weeks

Charlie Fletcher

Charlie @ 13 weeks

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