By 16 weeks of pregnancy your baby has her own fingerprints


Women who start maternity leave in the last month of their pregnancy are less likely to have a caesarean

Eating high GI snacks between meals (eg chocolate and white bread) during your third trimester may result in a heavier baby

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Baby girls are more likely to be born breech (bottom first) than boys

90% of babies become jaundiced in the first few days after birth, many in reaction to leaving the womb.

A caesarean section is more likely if labour is induced before 39 weeks of pregnancy

Swimming on your front from 34 weeks is good for getting your baby into the right position for the birth

By 16 weeks of pregnancy your baby can yawn and suck his thumb

Children born in late summer and early autumn are slightly taller and have wider bones than those born in winter and spring

Taking folic acid supplements for a year before getting pregnant can reduce the risk of having a premature birth

Dried apricots and raisins are a perfect between-meals snack for mums to be as they’re packed full of iron

Your placenta at full term will weigh approximately one sixth of your baby’s weight.

You don’t lose as much hair in pregnancy as you would normally, hence the glossy locks!

After 25 weeks of pregnancy the top of your bump to your pubic bone (where your pubic hair starts) measures about 1cm for each pregnancy week

The shape of your bump depends on your weight, pelvis, how your baby’s lying and how many kids you’ve had


You’re entitled to paid time off from work to attend your antenatal checks