In the Muslim tradition, great care is given to thinking about the name someone is given – it's thought of as the first gift a child receives to take them on their journey of life.


There are some really beautiful names from the Muslim world. Take a look at some our favourite ones, separated into lists for boys and for girls.


  • Abdul - Meaning 'servant of God' and is often used as a prefix to other names
  • Fahim - Meaning wise or learned
  • Hiba - Meaning 'gift of God'
  • Jed - Meaning 'beloved by God'
  • Kareem - Meaning 'generous'
  • Maali - Meaning 'noble' or 'sublime'
  • Nahim - Meaning to comfort, or a blessing
  • Parsa - Meaning 'pure' or 'holy'
  • Rida - Meaning contentment or satisfaction
  • Shaf - Meaning 'healing'

Girls names

  • Amira - Meaning 'princess'
  • Dama - Meaning river or ocean
  • Eesha - Meaning purity, creativity
  • Fari - Meaning pretty, beautiful
  • Heba - Meaning 'gift of God'
  • Khadija - one of the most popular Muslim girl's names as it was the name of the Prophet's first wife
  • Mahi - Meaning heaven and earth joined together
  • Oma - Meaning 'of life'
  • Raya - Meaning Queen
  • Talia - Meaning 'Dew from heaven'

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