20 Muslim baby names

Looking for beautiful baby names from the Muslim tradition? Here's are some stunning suggestions...


In the Muslim tradition, great care is given to thinking about the name someone is given – it’s thought of as the first gift a child receives to take them on their journey of life.


There are some really beautiful names from the Muslim world. Take a look at some our favourite ones, separated into lists for boys and for girls.


  • Abdul – Meaning ‘servant of God’ and is often used as a prefix to other names
  • Fahim – Meaning wise or learned
  • Hiba – Meaning ‘gift of God’
  • Jed – Meaning ‘beloved by God’
  • Kareem – Meaning ‘generous’
  • Maali – Meaning ‘noble’ or ‘sublime’
  • Nahim – Meaning to comfort, or a blessing
  • Parsa – Meaning ‘pure’ or ‘holy’
  • Rida – Meaning contentment or satisfaction
  • Shaf – Meaning ‘healing’

Girls names

  • Amira – Meaning ‘princess’
  • Dama – Meaning river or ocean
  • Eesha – Meaning purity, creativity
  • Fari – Meaning pretty, beautiful
  • Heba – Meaning ‘gift of God’
  • Khadija – one of the most popular Muslim girl’s names as it was the name of the Prophet’s first wife
  • Mahi – Meaning heaven and earth joined together
  • Oma – Meaning ‘of life’
  • Raya – Meaning Queen
  • Talia – Meaning ‘Dew from heaven’

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