Body temperature in pregnancy

Why do you feel hotter when you're pregnant?


Changes in your body temperature


When you are pregnant, the rate at which your body burns up energy when it is not active is 20 per cent higher than it normally is. This is called a rise in your basal metabolic rate.

The knock-on effect is that this makes your body feel hotter. You will really notice the heat in summer and might feel hot and flushed even in winter.

Even if you don’t usually, you might notice that you perspire more when you are pregnant. Many people put this down to lugging around a new bump, but it comes down to your metabolic rate and the increase in your blood volume. Either way, you might feel self-conscious if it makes you red-faced or sweaty.

In winter or summer, try to dress in layers and bear in mind that your usual big overcoat might not suit your temperature until you’ve had your baby. Layers are useful too, for when you go into a shop or your office, where artificially warmed spaces are going to make you feel more uncomfortable.

Keep a bottle of water with you all the time. Partly to help cool you down and also to replace lost body water. Make this a rule throughout your pregnancy


At night, women feel more uncomfortable anyway, as their bump begins to grow. But also they will feel more hot and bothered. It’s good practice to open a window in your room at night to get fresh air circulating, but also you might need to sleep with a lighter single duvet or quilt over you and leave your snoozing partner with your regular, warmer bed covers. Otherwise you could find you’re having a wrestling match with the blankets on-off on-off in the night!

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