Braxton Hicks: worse second time around?

Are you likely to suffer more from Braxton Hicks with baby No 2?


Barxton Hicks are irregular contractions or tightenings  of your womb. They are usally painless but can be felt from as early as 16 weeks and increase as your pregnancy progresses.


Some women who have had a baby before can experience quite uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions. This is quite normal.

If you are far advanced in your pregnancy, it is useful to know how to spot the difference between Braxton Hicks and true labour.

Braxton Hicks tend to be irregular and can vary in length whereas real labour contractions are often more regular, lasting at least 30 seconds and getting progressively longer.

Braxton Hicks can also stop or slow down if you move around, and this does not happen in real labour.


If you have any concerns about pains, contact your midwife so you can be assessed. This will help reassure you. 

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