There are several pain relief options available to us in labour - one of which is to give birth in a birthing pool, also known as having a 'water birth'.


Often this is done at home, with the assistance of a professional midwife. Water births often happen in a birthing pool, but can sometimes even happen in the bath!

We've already covered what our MFM mums thought of their own water birth experiences - but what do the stars have to say? Let's find out!

10 celebs who've had a home water birth...

Jacqueline Jossa

jac jossa

EastEnders star Jacqueline gave birth to daughter Ella Selina Osborne, 7lb 10oz, via a water birth.

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"Yes, having a water birth was amazing," she told OK! magazine after the fact. "I can’t imagine not having it. I don’t know how people can have a baby on a bed. I don’t see how that works, gravity-wise!"

Gisele Bundchen

gisele bundchen water birth

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen famously revealed she had a home water birth and went drug-free with son Benjamin. The labour, according to Gisele, "didn't hurt in the slightest."

"My delivery was in a bath tub, in water. I wanted to have a home birth. I wanted to be very aware and present during the birth...

"I didn't want to be drugged up. So I did a lot of preparation, I did prenatal yoga and meditation, so I managed to have a very tranquil birth at home.

"The whole time my mind was focused in each contraction on the thought ‘my baby is closer to coming out'."

Thandie Newton

thandie newton

Westworld and Line Of Duty star Thandie gave birth in a birthing pool with (at least) 2 of her 3 kids, daughter Ripley and son Nico.

"[It was] very challenging in the best way possible," she told Sunday Times. "Every fiber of your being is alive. It's like you are conducting electricity, literally creating something.

"I'd like to give birth every year if I could, just for that experience."

Gwyneth Paltrow

gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is rumoured to have had a water birth in 2005, when she had her daughter Apple.

Paps spotted a birthing pool being delivered to the London home of Gwyneth and her then-husband Chris Martin shortly before the birth.

Charlotte Church

charlotte church

Singer Charlotte Church had a water birth at her home in Wales when she gave birth to daughter Ruby. Her then-partner Gavin Henson was by her side.

Charlotte opted for a home birth after being recommended the option by friends, according to sources.

Jennifer Ellison

jennifer ellison

Actress and singer Jennifer Ellison had a water birth at home in Liverpool when she gave birth to son Bobby.

Talking about her birth plans before her baby was born, Jennifer said, "I want it to be as natural as possible but, saying that, I may have drugs if I need them - you never know."

Pamela Anderson

pamela anderson

"I gave birth at home both times: natural, with a midwife, in water, with nothing. Not even Tylenol," Pamela told US talk show host Larry King.

Sam Faiers

sam faiers baby rosie 5 months

Sam revealed that she welcomed her second born via water birth on Instagram, writing:

"Exactly 1 week ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl ? 11-11-2017 ?? I had a home water birth, it was such a lovely experience. ☺️ We are so in love with you."

Sam wasn't so quick to reveal her baby's name, though, taking her time to announce that the tot was called Rosie.

Alyson Hannigan

alyson hannigan

How I Met Your Mother's Alyson welcomed her daughter Satyana via water birth in March 2009.

She admitted to People: "It's not the right choice for everyone, but it definitely was for me. I never wavered on it."

(P.S. Here she is pictured with her little one, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer co-star Seth Green.)

Natasha Hamilton

natasha hamilton

After a labour scare at Atomic Kitten bandmate Kerry Katona's wedding, Natasha ended up giving birth to her daughter Ella in a blow-up water pool in her living room.

“We were both in tears," she said of then-partner Ritchie Neville, "and I stayed in the pool for a while with Ritch sitting outside it next to me."

Images: Instagram / Getty Images

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