How to perk yourself up during pregnancy

When pregnancy leaves you feeling down, how do you give yourself a little lift? Seven mums-to-be let you in on their secrets…


“My favourite perfume, Ultraviolet, makes me feel great in the morning – as does waking up to find it’s a sunny day! I’ve also found I feel more comfortable and positive when I leave my antenatal yoga class, which has taught me a lot about breathing techniques for labour. It’s given me the confidence to face the prospect of labour, and I feel much more in control than before.”


Vicki, 23 weeks pregnant

“I’ve started having weekly reflexology sessions, which have this wonderful relaxing effect all over my body. I completely drift off into another world, and forget all about my pregnancy niggles. And it’s also been great for helping me sleep. It’s so worthwhile having someone else look after you when you’re pregnant – even if it’s just for an hour a week – as it’s far too easy to forget about yourself. I highly recommend it.”

Natasha, 18 weeks pregnant

“Once a week, I pamper myself with Elemis skin nourishing milk in the bath, followed by an all over body coating with Elemis Frangipani Monoi Oil. Both products smell divine and make my skin silky smooth and velvety soft. There is not much I can do about my extra weight gain, but I do feel super special and radiant when I meet up with friends and get compliments about how great I look and how smooth my skin is. So my top tip: take care of your body – moisturising every morning with oil and cocoa-butter cream – while you have the chance. You certainly won’t have time when your baby arrives!”

Lynette, 32 weeks pregnant

“Throughout my pregnancy, I haven’t got on very well with wearing maternity tops – they were just too baggy for early pregnancy and so unflattering in the third trimester. But I came across a much better alternative that has seen me all the way through my pregnancy and I haven’t felt like I’ve been wearing a tent! Gap has a fantastic range of stretch t-shirts, both in short and long arm versions. They come in lots of different colours and have fitted over my bump nicely whatever size it has been!”

Tracy, 36 weeks pregnant

“My support tights from Pebble [] have been a complete lifesaver. They really do make me feel more toned and less enormous. I’ve been wearing them under all my dresses – even in the height of summer – for weddings and parties. The only drawback is that they cost £15.99 a pair!”

Miranda, 30 weeks pregnant

“I can’t get enough of baby talc – it feels so smooth after a bath or shower. Then I religiously apply a layer of Vaseline Intensive Body Cream. It smells delicious – of aloe vera and cucumber – and keeps the skin on my bump really soft. I also love my exercise ball. I can watch a whole film without even realising I’ve been bouncing along throughout! As well as being fun, it’s great for posture and back relief too.”

Katie, 29 weeks pregnant

“I swear by Johnson’s pH5.5 shower gel – it does wonders for my skin, and isn’t perfumed so it’s great for the recurrent thrush I keep getting. Their baby oil get is fantastic too – I use it after a shower and it’s heaven on my chapped feet. And, on a more personal note, since being pregnant I’ve developed facial hair and have found this brilliant facial wax called Surgi-Wax, that gets rid of it. Being smooth again is a real confidence booster – and you don’t need to go to a salon to get it done as it comes mail order. Finally, I absolutely love my Clinique Happy perfume. It’s my life-saving smell – whenever I feel a bit wobbly, I spray it on myself and instantly feel better. I’d recommend it to any mum-to-be!”


Helen, 22 weeks pregnant

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