Is corned beef safe to eat in pregnancy?

Is it OK to eat corned beef and sandwiches and dishes containing it if you are pregnant?


In a nutshell

Yes, corned beef is entirely safe to eat at any stage of your pregnancy


The expert view

If you enjoy corned beef in your lunchtime sandwich, you might be wondering if it is still safe to eat now you are pregnant – especially as there is some conflicting advice online about its suitability for expectant mums.

But corned beer if absolutely safe! The confusion seems to arise as some US guidelines suggest women should avoid pre-packed meat during pregnancy, but this is not the case in the UK.

However, nutritionist Dr Rana Conway says: “If you want some corned beef, it’s best to opt for some in a tin, as the risk of food poisoning is then even smaller.” She also advises looking out for reduced salt and fat varieties as the high sodium content could cause water retention.

So, if you are craving a corned beef and pickle sarnie, or want to add it to your salad, it is perfectly safe to do so!

Mums on our forum say

“I love corned beef sarnies. When I found out from my blood tests I was anaemic my midwife gave me a list of foods containing iron and corned beef was on the list.” Anged

“Just had a corned beef pasty lol, I was hungry and fancied it so ate it!! lol before dinner naughty naughty!” Newlook

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