Is it safe to go to a festival while pregnant?

Yes, if you know some safety basics and feel comfortable. One mum-to-be reveals how she enjoyed Glastonbury festival with a bump


Festival goer and expectant mum, Becky Hawley, 28, shares her pregnant festival experience and top tips for enjoying yourself with a baby on board.


The pregnant festival experience

“I was 20 weeks pregnant when I went to last summer’s Glastonbury. I’ve been to lots of festivals before but being pregnant made it a completely different experience.

“I went with my partner, Jason, who is a DJ and was playing over the weekend. We went from Wednesday to Sunday and, although we had a fantastic time, being pregnant did make it physically exhausting. Obviously I wasn’t able to drink alcohol and my legs ached so much more – you can walk for miles after a few drinks without realising it but I really felt it!

Boogying with bump

“Luckily, I’ve passed the sickness stage but it was difficult to escape the heat and our tent was like an oven so I made sure I always had plenty of water with me. I also took a stool so I could sit down to rest whenever I needed to. I couldn’t stand up for hour long sets so my stool was a lifesaver. Also, I couldn’t do my usual energetic bouncy dancing so stuck to more of a jig.

“Jason really looked after me – he even only had a few cans of beer so I didn’t feel too left out – but the problem with festivals is that everyone is in their own world. People are purely focused on not loosing their friends and getting from stage to stage. That meant they didn’t notice I was pregnant but I didn’t get jostled too much. I think if you go to a festival when you’re, say six months pregnant, people would be more aware of your bump and be careful not to knock into you.

“We were camping so I took a camp bed and was actually very comfortable. We also had a big tent which meant I could stand up, rather than crawl around on my hands and knees all weekend.

Sensitive senses

“The main problem was going to the toilet, which obviously happens more when you’re pregnant. I’ve got very sensitive to smells and just couldn’t bear to use the Portaloos. I went in once and had to leave straight away so every time I needed the loo I walked to the trench loos which are much more open and far less smelly!

“We had such a great time and Jason is booked to play at the Glade Festival when I’ll be 23 weeks pregnant. I’ve never been before and it’s quite a dancey festival but I’ve heard it’s quite hippy and chilled out so it should be fine.  

Taking baby along

“Our baby boy is due in November but I don’t think I will take him to Glastonbury next year, it would be too dangerous. I think if Jason isn’t invited to play, I’ll go to Glastonbury with my friends and he can look after the baby. Then he can go to Glade with his friends and I’ll stay at home. That way we both get to enjoy the festival season.”


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