Kensington Palace today announced that the Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labour with her 3rd child.


So, here at MFM HQ, we've been wondering if your 3rd labour tends to be shorter than previous ones ???

Milli Hill, founder of the Positive Birth Movement, reckons this can definitely be the case for some mums.

“Sometimes 2nd or 3rd babies can come quick!" she says. "It’s a good idea to mentally prepare for a quick labour, and prepare on a practical level - for example by prepping your partner on what they may need to do if this happens."

Though, of course, it's also crucial to note that every birth, and every woman, is different - as Milli adds:

“If you have had fairly straightforward and smooth running labours with your first two, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will be plain sailing with baby number 3.

"Indeed, some people call the 3rd baby the ‘Wild Card’ as it can sometimes bring unexpected surprises!

"Likewise if you had difficult 1st and 2nd births you might have a really positive experience with this baby - as your body (and mind) are now really well prepared for labour. Either way, be open to surprises!”

One of the mums on the MFM team can certainly vouch for the wild card theory - she tells us her 2nd baby came super-quick, and the 3rd took way longer than expected.

Truth is, you just don't always know, right? So when it comes to labour - be prepared for anything...

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