Itchy, red hands and feet in pregnancy

Along with other pregnancy discomforts, your hands and feet can appear red and itchy, but what does this mean?

During pregnancy, at least a half of all women experience red, sore-looking skin on the palms of their hands or the soles of their feet. Often, these itch too, albeit it usually only mildly. They are unfortunately part and parcel of the pregnancy discomforts that affect us all to differing degrees when we are expecting a baby, from a stuffy nose to morning sickness.


Red hands and feet in pregnancy

Even if your hands are usually beautifully manicured and elegant, the hormonal changes happening to your body can make your hands seem red or blotchy. Along with other skin changes this is usually a feature of pregnancy that will disappear again once your baby is born.

The increase in body temperature in pregnancy may also make you feel hotter and your skin appear more red and irritable. The rise in temperature is caused by an increase in your basal metabolic rate.

Hormonal changes and body temperature rises are perfectly natural when you are expecting. However, if you get irritable rashes then do see your doctor to make sure you find a treatment that is safe to apply to your skin when you are expecting.

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