Make pregnant sex work for you

This may be news to you if you're still in the nauseous and knackered early stages of pregnancy, but generally speaking, being pregnant really does rev up your sex drive.


You can put it all down to hormonal surges, says sexpert Lou Paget.

'The hormones oestrogen and testosterone have a marked effect on sexual desire,' she explains.

And while you're pregnant, you can produce as much oestrogen in one day as a non-pregnant woman does in three years.

So how can you make the most of your libido surge? Read on...

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Make pregnant sex work for you

What if I'm not in the mood?

It can happen, frisky hormones or not. And that's fine.

'But it it is important - for you and your baby-to-be - that you strive to keep your intimacy as a couple alive. If penetrative sex is off, spend time connecting with sensual massage, caresses and kissing instead,' says Lou.


Make pregnant sex work for you

He's got a new body

Let's not forget your partner. Contrary to popular belief, he's likely to be as thrilled with your changing body and rocketing libido as you are.

'For many men, the physical changes of pregnancy are a real turn-on,' says Lou.

As one new dad rather bluntly puts it, 'You get to play with a whole new body - without being unfaithful!'


Make pregnant sex work for you

Your new body

You've got a new body: glossy hair, saucy curves, glowing skin, big boobs.

One of the major bonuses of pregnancy is that it comes with a free voluptuousness makeover - which makes up for the constipation and heartburn.

And if you've never been particularly well-endowed in the chest department, it can be arousing to suddenly find yourself with fuller breasts.

Oh, and never underestimate the erotic potential of realising you no longer need to hold in your tummy if the light's on...


Make pregnant sex work for you

Super-intense orgasms

'Orgasms are powered by blood,' says Lou, and since pregnancy boosts your blood supply, you can expect your orgasms to acquire a certain extra va-va-voom.

'You may find you reach orgasm more quickly or, and this is more likely, more slowly. But when you do get there, you should experience a big increase in intensity,' says Lou.


Make pregnant sex work for you

How to hump with a bump?

The sheer logisitics of having sex in pregnancy, particularly as the months go by and your bump gets bigger, force you to try out all sorts of different positions.

And however sexually sound your relationship, there's no denying that the prospect of a romp through the Kama Sutra will add a little frisson to the your frolicking.


Make pregnant sex work for you

And no, it won't hurt the baby

Making love can't hurt your baby. That precious little one is well-cushioned inside your uterus, and your uterus is sealed off from the outside world by the mucus plug in your cervix.

Having sex will not make you miscarry - provided your pregnancy is normal, you've had any episodes of bleeding checked out, and your doctor hasn't specifically told you otherwise.


Make pregnant sex work for you

Making love, not babies

Getting-pregnant sex can feel a bit clinical, particularly if you've been trying to get pregnant for a while.

Plotting your cycle, taking your temperature, looking out for sigsn of ovulation, got-to-do-it-tonight sex hardly rates five stars, does it?

But once you're pregnant, there's no pressure other than good old desire for carnal pleasure. Sex can be like it used to be, only better, because you don't have to worry about contraception or lying with your legs in the air afterwards.


Make pregnant sex work for you

Sensual overload

While pregnant, your body is producing up to 20% more blood than usual.

'That means every part of you - from the lips on your face to the lips of your vagina - is swollen and super-sensitive,' says Lou.

That's why you tingle when he touches your back, you quiver when he tickles your toes: your whole body is now one huge erogenous zone.


Make pregnant sex work for you

A closer connection

That baby in your belly is living proof of your intimacy as a couple.

You are bound together in a whole new way now - and that life-creating new bond between you can make sex more passionate, more meaningful, more joyful than either of you have experienced before.