My huge 10lb 10oz baby

Medical staff thought the baby would be big, but not THAT big!


Rebecca Scott-Williams tells her birth story:

‘We knew we were having a little boy and 3 days after my due date, it was a Monday, I had a terrible headache and swelling to my ankles.


Concerned about pre-eclampsia I phoned the midwives at our local birthing unit. They asked me to go straight in where I was assessed and my blood pressure had risen from normal and I had protein in my urine.

They attempted to do some bloods but did not succeed so they contacted our local hospital.

I was sent into hospital and the doctors assessed me and said that it was not pre-eclampsia but they would start an induction on the Tuesday morning.

After four pessaries 6-24 hours apart, the Thursday morning came and the doctor assessed me as I had been in a lot of pain. The doctor thought perhaps the baby had moved but in fact the baby’s head had disengaged.

Friday morning came and still in a lot of pain I requested to see the doctors as I had had enough and wanted the baby to be born. A caesearean was booked for later that day.

My husband was there for my hospital stay throughout and was fantastic.

The day of my section my mum brought our daughter in to see us beforehand and my sister also visited with gifts for our unborn baby.

We were then taken to theatre and as I lay on the table waiting for things to begin, the doctors and nurses were taking bets on the size of the baby as my tummy was huge.

The highest bet was 9lb10oz.

As the operation began and they were bringing the baby out, there was a lot of “oh my goodness, wow” and he was brought out and was HUGE.

After being weighed in at 10lb 10oz, there was a lot of laughter in the theatre and as we were wheeled back to the ward it was visiting hours. I had my husband, Mum, Dad and sisters there and my in-laws brought my daughter in to see her baby brother.

A week in hospital for Freddie Jude’s birth was a wonderful experience. An old hospital with fantastic midwives, good food, excellent doctors and anaesthetists.


It definitely makes me want another after initially being put off with such a horrendous induction. St Johns Chelmsford has an excellent maternity unit and my caesearean was a fantastic experience.’

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