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Yes, you can be a member of Slimming World and attend a Slimming World group while you’re pregnant.

However as a mum-to-be, you typically WON’T be supported in losing weight on the plan, though you will be supported in eating healthily and staying active.

There are a few extra things you need to do, involving your midwife, before you can confirm your membership during pregnancy.

What’s Slimming World’s pregnancy policy?

Slimming World works with the Royal College of Midwives to create their policy for pregnant members.

(We think it’s worth noting that they’re the only ‘weight management’ programme to get the RCM's seal of approval.)

Essentially, the policy states that they’ll be making sure you don’t lose a lot of weight during your pregnancy (unless your doc has advised you to do so).

They’ll also be keeping an eye on any excess weight gain, and try to support you in your healthy eating.

As each pregnant woman will have different needs, it seems Slimming World will look at the ‘targets’ and aims of expectant mums on a case-by-case basis.

Therefore, you’ll need the approval of your midwife before you can follow the plan, or attend group to be weighed in each week.

Finally, Slimming World have a Pregnancy Weight Management Form which needs to be checked and approved by your midwife at each appointment.

Is there anything from Slimming World I can’t eat during pregnancy?

Generally, when you’re pregnant, there are certain foods you’re advised against eating.

These include cured meats, raw shellfish sushi, soft cheese, pate and soft-serve ice cream (from the ice cream van) – among others.

We’ve got a full guide of foods to avoid in pregnancy, which is worth checking out regardless of whether you end up doing Slimming World or not.

That said, it should be really easy to avoid these foods while trying out Slimming World recipes.

If you get stuck, chat to your Slimming World consultant for suggestions on substitutions.

What MFM mums say

Just as we thought, loads of our mums told us they used Slimming World during pregnancy - and many liked it so much they followed the plan for breastfeeding, too.

"They also have a midwife approved breastfeeding plan to make sure you and baby stay healthy throughout ?" says Elisa B.

"I did with my twin pregnancy," says mum Eve H on Facebook. "Meant I gained healthily and kept me on track with the right foods to feed them.

"Went to 37 weeks plus 1 elective C-section. Then stayed on the plan for breastfeeding. It’s adapts for what your body needs to make milk etc like extra dairy A choices."

While Stephanie H adds: "It's not a diet it's about changing your eating habits to eat healthy and balanced and to make changes for lower sugar options etc.

"They do double your healthy extras for [so you're getting extra] fibre and calcium, but everything else is the same [as the non-pregnancy plan] I think!"

Share your story AND your tips

Have you followed Slimming World during your pregnancy? How did you find the experience?

Got any good tips for fellow pregnant women hoping to follow the plan? We’re all ears on Instagram and Facebook, or below in the comments ?

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