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While searching for baby names is undoubtly fun, actually deciding on one can prove to be a tough exercise! Do you go for a celebrity baby name, like Apple or Romeo? Should you pick a baby name that has a meaning you like? Or is there an old family name you want to use, but need to check the meaning before you commit your baby to a lifetime with it? And then there are those of us who’ve had a list of favourites for most of our lives – but have just discovered our partner is appalled by every one of them!


So whether you’re after a unique baby name, or seeking something more traditional, check out our baby names finder. You can search for the meaning of names, browse the top 100 baby names for boys and the top 100 names for girls, or just look through the baby names chosen by celebrity mums and dads. And compiling a shortlist is easy – you can just add (and remove!) names to your own personal names list.


Happy baby naming!

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