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MadeForMums’ baby names finder reveals a mix of quirky and traditional boy and girl baby names have caught your attention. Check out what's made your top 10...


MadeForMums baby names finder boasts a whopping 2,935 baby names, but which have proved most popular? Well, for the first time in our history, we’re revealing which baby names you’re most interested in.


The biggest surprise has come in the top 10 names for girls. The name that garners the greatest attention is… Biba! We didn’t see that coming! The boy baby name getting noticed the most is Lucas.

You’re also paying most attention to baby names starting with M, followed by E, L, A, C, and more of you are interested in the top 100 names for boys in our baby names finder than top 100 names for girls. Are lots of you having sons, or just finding it tougher to choose names for a boy?

So now for the juicy part! We can reveal the top 10 boys’ names, top 10 girls’ names and top 10 initials grabbing your attention are…

Top 10 baby names for girls

1. Biba

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Amber, Edie, Francis, Judd, and Tom.

2. Shamina

3. Imogen

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Abigail, Adrienne , Aimee, Amelia, Ava, Bailey, Caleb, Casey, Cody, Colby, Dempsey, Devon, Dominique, Dylan, Edan, Eden, Ella, Ellie, Elliot, Emily, Eva, Evie, Finley , Freya, George, Georgia, Grace, Hari, Harrison, Isla, Jack,  Jacob, Jaden, James, Jarvis, Jasmine, Kai, Kaspar, Kian, Lilly, Lily, Logan, Lucas, Lydia, Macey, Maddison, Maisie, Marcus, Mason , Matthew, Maxwell , Megan, Mia, Millie, Molly, Oakley , Oliver, Olivia, Orion, Paige, Poppy, Rhea, Scarlett, Sienna, Skye , Spring, Storm, Theo, Travis, Tyler, Venus, William , Xavier , and Zac.

4. Ava

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Alisha, Amber , Amelia, Amelie, Anais , Charlie, Corey, Ebony, Eden, Ella, Ellie, Ellis, Eva, Evie, Harley, Harry, Honey, Imogen, Isla, Jake, Kayden, Layla, Lexi, Lexie, Logan, Lois, Lola, Louie, Luca, Lydia, Maddison, Maia, Maya, McKenzie, Megan, Mia, Miles, Milo, Mimi, Molly, Oliver, Olivia, Oscar, Sienna, Sofia, Sonny, Theo, and Willow.

5. Freya

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Abbie, Abigail, Alfie, Amelie, Ashley , Bronwen, Cerys, Daisy, Eden, Ella, Ellie, Elliot, Erin, Eve, Francesca, Georgia, Grace, Imogen, India, Jack, Jacob, Keira, Kyra, Libby, Lily, Lottie, Lucy, Maisie, Milla, Millie, Molly, Noah, Oliver, Olivia, Oscar, Pippa, Poppy, Rose, Rose, Saffron, Scarlett, Sebastian, Skye, Sophia, Sophie, and Zara.

6. Isabella

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Alex, Alexis , Alicia, Alina, Alisha, Alissa, Alyssa, Amelie,  Amina , Andrew, Angel, Annabel, Anwen, April , Ashley, Beth, Blake, Bobbie, Carys, Cerys, Chloe, Cody, Daniel, Darcy, David, Edan, Ella, Ellie, Elsa, Emma, Ethan, Euan, Faith, George, Harley, Honey, Hope, India, Indira, Isla, James, Jamie, Jasmine, John, Justice, Khadija, Lacey, Leah, Leo, Lewis, Lexi, Lily, Lola, Lottie, Lucy, Lyndon, Maria, Marian, Marie, Matilda, Matthew, Melody, Millie, Nadim , Noah, Olivia, Oscar, Padraig, Paige, Philip, Philippa, Phoenix , Piper , Rahima, Rebecca, Richard, Rosalind , Rosie, Roxane, Ruby, Saffron, Scarlett, Sebastian, Seth , Sienna, Sofia, Sophia, Summer, Violet, Willow, Zara, and Zoe.

7. Isla

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Amelia, Ava, Bronte, Caitlin, Darcy, Ellie, Eva, Evelyn, Imogen, Iris, Isabella, Lexi, Lydia, Mairi, Megan, Millie, Noah, Olivia, Philip, Philippa, Sebastian, Sienna, Summer, and Zoe.

8. Evie

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Abigail, Aimee, Amelia, Ava, Brooke, Chloe, Devon, Edan, Eden, Ellie, Eloise, Finley , Francesca, Georgia, Grace, Hari, Harrison, Imogen, Isaac, Jack, Jaden, Jasmine, Katie, Kian, Lily, Luke, Macey, Mia, Millie, Paige, Rachel , Rhea, Ruby, Sam, Scarlet, and Tyler.

9. Emma

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Alicia, Chloe, Isabella, and Sophia.

10. Lola and Poppy

Lola and Poppy have come in equal 10th place.

MadeForMums users who like the name Lola also like Alexis , Alina, Alisha, Alissa, Alyssa, Amber , Amelie, Anais , Ava, Beau, Brandon, Bruce, Charlie, Corey, Ebony, Eden, Ella, Ellie, Ellis, Eva, Harley, Harry, Isabella, Jake, Jamie, Kayden, Layla, Lexi, Lexie, Logan, Lois, Lottie, Louie, Luca, Maddison, Maia, Matilda, Maya, McKenzie, Miles, Milo, Mimi, Oliver, Oscar, Ruby, Sienna, Sofia, Sofia, Sonny, Theo, Toby , and Willow.

MadeForMums users who like the name Poppy also like Aimee, Amber , Ambrose, Amelie, April , Arthur, Bethany, Bronwen, Casey, Constance, Daisy, Douglas, Dylan, Ella, Ellie, Etta, Eva, Evelyn, Felix, Freya, Hannah, Imogen, Iris, Isaac, Jarvis, Jude, Kyle, Lavender, Leo, Lewis, Libby, Logan, Lottie, Lucas,  Matilda, Maya, Millie, Molly, Nathan , Olive, Olivia, Patience, Pearl, Primrose , Prudence, Rae, Reuben, Rhys , Rory, Rosalie, Ross, Ryan , Scarlett, Sophia, Tulip, Tyler, and Zoe.

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Top 10 baby names for boys

1. Lucas

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Aimee, Alex, Alexander, Amber , Anthony, Baldric, Ben, Benjamin , Bethany, Callum, Casey, Chase, Colby, Cooper, Daniel, Devon, Dylan, Edward, Ella, Ellie, Ethan,  Eva, Evan, Everett, Gideon, Grady, Grant, Hannah, Henri, Holden, Hollis, Hudson, Imogen, Jarvis, Kyle, Leo, Lewis, Logan, Macon, Max , Maya, Micah , Michael, Miles, Milo, Nathan , Poppy, Scarlett, Spencer, Stuart, Toby , Tyler, Zac, and Zoe.

2. Logan

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Aaron, Aimee, Alisha, Amber , Anais , Ashton, Ava, Bailey, Beau, Bethany, Blake, Brandon, Bruce, Casey, Chloe, Conor, Corey, Courtney, Dylan, Ebony, Eden, Ella, Ellie, Ellis, Ethan, Eva, Evan, Ewan, Finlay, Hannah, Harley, Imogen, Jarvis, Kai, Kayden, Kyle, Layla, Leo, Lewis, Lexi, Lexie, Lois, Lola, Luca, Lucas, Maddison, Maisie, Maya, McKenzie, Nathan , Niamh, Oliver, Olivia, Oscar, Poppy, Reece, Rhys , Ryan , Scarlet, Scarlett, Sienna, Sonny, Sophia, Sophie, Taylor , Tegan, Theo, Tia, Toby , Tori, Tyler, Willow, and Zoe.

3. Noah

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Abigail, Aidan, Alfie, Anais , Archie, Ashton, Benjamin , Brooke, Calum, Colby, Darcy, Dominic, Dylan, Ellie, Elliot, Ellis, Erin, Finn, Francesca, Freya, Grace, Harley, Harrison, Harry, Isaac, Isabella, Isla, Jack, Jacob, Jaden, James, Joe, Joseph, Leo, Lexi, Liam, Louie, Maisie, Mason , Max , McKenzie, Millie, Nathan , Oliver, Oscar, Owen, Philip, Philippa, Robert, Ruby, Ryan , Sebastian, Taylor, Tommy, Trinity, William , Zac, and Zoe.

4. Aaron

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Abbie, Adrian, Ashton, Chloe, Conor, Courtney, Dylan, Layla, Logan, Mabel, Maisie, Naama, Olivia, Reece, Richard, Ryan , Scarlet, Sophia, Sophie, Tia, and Tori.

5. Issac

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Alfie, Ambrose, Amelia, April , Archie, Arthur, Constance, Douglas, Dylan, Eloise, Etta, Evelyn, Evie, Felix, Harley, Harry, Iris, Isobel, Jack, Jacob, James, Jasmine, Joe, Jonah, Joseph, Jude, Lavender, Leo, Lily, Louie, Luke, Matilda, Max , Mia, Millie, Noah, Olive, Oliver, Patience, Pearl, Poppy, Primrose , Prudence, Rae, Reuben, Rory, Rosalie, Ross, Ruby, Ryan , Sam, Samuel, Scarlett, Seth , Tommy, Tulip, and William.

6. Ethan

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Alex, Alfie, Alisha, Amelie, Amina , Andrew, Annabel, Anwen, April , Ashton, Ben, Benjamin , Beth, Blake, Brandon, Callum, Carys, Cerys, Chase, Colby, Cooper, Daniel, David, Devon, Dexter, Dylan, Elsa, Euan, Evan, Everett, Faith, Finlay, Gideon, Grady, Grant, Henri, Holden, Hollis, Hudson, India, Indira, Isabella, James, Jasmine, John, Khadija, Leah, Lewis, Lily, Logan, Lucas, Macon, Maria, Marian, Matthew, Micah , Miles, Milo, Nadim , Nathan , Oliver, Oscar, Padraig, Rahima, Rebecca, Rhys , Richard, Rosalind , Rosie, Saffron, Scarlett, Spencer, Stuart, Summer, Taylor , Theo, Toby , Tyler, Violet, and Zara.

7. Jack

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Abigail, Adrienne , Aidan, Alfie, Alice, Amelia, Anais , Andrew, Annie, Archie, Ashton, Ben, Beth, Bradley, Brooke, Charlie, Dempsey, Dominique, Dylan, Eamon, Edward, Edwin, Ellie, Elliot, Ellis, Eloise, Erin, Evie, Finlay, Finley , Francesca, Freya, Georgia, Grace, Harley, Harrison, Harry, Harvey, Iain, Imogen, Isaac, Isabel, Jacob, Jaden, Jake, James, Jamie, Jasmine, Joe,  Joseph, Joshua, Kingston, Leo, Lexi, Liam, Lilly, Lily, Lloyd, Louie, Luke, Maddison, Maisie, Mason , Matthew, Max , Maxwell , McKenzie, Mia, Michael, Millie, Noah, Oakley , Oliver, Olivia, Oscar, Rex, Riley, Rory, Rose, Ruby, Ryan , Sam, Samuel, Sebastian, Seymour, Taylor , Thomas, Tommy, Trinity, Tyler, William , and Zac.

8. Finley

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Abigail, Aimee, Archie, Bradley, Brianna, Callum, Charlie, Conor, Destiny , Devon, Edan, Eden, Ella, Emily, Evie, Finlay, George, Georgia, Grace, Hari, Harley, Harrison, Harvey, Imogen, Jack, Jaden, Jake, Jasmine, Jayden, Kai, Kaspar, Kian, Kingston, Leighton, Liam, Lily, Lloyd, Louis, Macey, Marcus, Mia, Millie, Nathaniel, Nico, Oakley , Oliver, Orion, Oscar, Paige, Rayne, Reece, Rex, Rhea, Riley, Ryan , Seymour, Sharadchandra, Skye , Spring, Storm, Taylor , Theo, Travis, Tyler, Venus, Xavier , and Zac.

9. Oscar

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Abigail, Alexa, Alfie, Amber , Amelia, Amelie, Archie, Ashton, Ava, Blake, Bradley, Brandon, Bret, Charlie, Dexter, Dylan, Edie, Effie, Ella, Ellie, Elliot, Ethan, Eva, Felix, Finlay, Finley , Finn, Francesca, Freya, Gene, Gigi, Grace, Harley, Harry, Harvey, Isabella, Jack, Jake, Joshua, Kingston, Lani , Layla, Lewis, Lexi, Liam, Lloyd, Logan, Lola, Louie, Luc, Luca, Madeline, Maia, Maisie, Maya, Micah , Miles, Milo, Mimi, Nathan , Noah, Nuala, Oakley , Oliver, Olivia, Rex, Rhys , Riley, Rohan, Romy, Rowan, Ryan , Sacha, Sebastian, Seymour, Sofia, Taylor , Theo, Toby , Tristran, Tyler, Ulani, Yuri , Yves, Zac, and Ziggy.

10. William

MadeForMums users who like this name also like Adrienne , Agatha, Agnes, Alfie, Angus, Archie, Basil, Ben, Caleb, Caspar, Charlie, Claudia, Conrad, Cordelia, Dempsey, Diggory, Dominique, Dorcas, Dorothea, Duncan, Edith, Edward, Elliot, Felix, Flora, Georgia, Georgina, Gerard, Gertrude, Giacomo, Gregory, Harley, Harry, Hector, Henry, Imogen, Isaac, Jack, James, Jane, Jasper, Jean, Joe, Joseph, Joshua, Leo, Leon, Lilly, Louie, Ludovic, Lydia, Mabel, Maddison, Magnus, Mary, Matilda, Matthew, Max , Maxwell , Mia, Mildred, Mungo , Murdo, Noah, Octavia, Oliver, Olivia, Patrick , Reuben, Rory, Rose, Rufus , Seth , Tabitha , Theo, Toby , Tommy, Ursula, Vincent, Violet, Wilfred , and Zillah.

Top 10 first name initials

Are you one of those parents-to-be who enters into baby name talk with the line, “Well, I like names starting with…”? It’s understandable, after all, if you want to avoid a certain combination of initials. Having your tiny girl’s name spell out D.O.G or P.O.O isn’t exactly what you had in mind, now is it? Here are the 10 letters you’ve been most intrigued by…

    1. M
    2. E
    3. L
    4. A
    5. C
    6. S
    7. J
    8. R
    9. K
    10. B

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