10 dinosaur gifts for fossil fans

If your child goes mad for dinosaurs, get him or her excited with these perfect pressies for Jurassic-loving juniors


Mini Roboraptor, £15

This battery operated mini Roboraptor has a movable head and swooping tail, so you’d better keep an eye out if he’s in your home…


Available from The Science Museum

Dinosoles 3D Double Eye T Rex Trainer

Dinosoles 3D Double Eye T Rex Trainer, £21.95

At last – cool shoes that will last your boy all winter, as well as making him a hit in the playground. With their bright red eyes and scaly skin, these are shoes the problem will be getting him to take them off.

Available from The Toy Box

Paint Your Own Money Box Dinosaur

Paint Your Own Money Box Dinosaur, £4.99

Get your child creative – and teach them how to save money – with this paint your own money box dinosaur. With 6 different coloured paints to choose from, no one dino will ever be the same!

Available from Find Me A Gift

Chocolate Activity Box – Dinosaur Exploration Case

Chocolate Activity Box – Dinosaur Exploration Case, £19.95

This is the best archeology we’ve ever heard of! Once the authentic-looking trunk has been opened, there are chocolate fossils to fit together to make a dinosaur skeleton, along with chocolate eggs and baby dinosaur treats. There’s also a great model skull fossil, brushes and the real dinosaur bone…

Available from Prezzybox

Dino Bite Game

Dino Bite Game, £13.99

Save the dino babies from the big green T-Rex as he tries to eat them for dinner – but be careful, as if he sees you, he’ll be angry! It’s like the Land Before Time in your living room.

Available from Toys R Us

Dinosaur Skull Shade

Dinosaur Skull Shade, £20

This dinosaur skull shade will add a Jurassic Park touch to your child’s bedroom – with matching duvets, rugs and more also available to add finish touches.

Available from Next

Boys Dinosaurs Wincey Pyjama

Boys Dinosaurs Wincey Pyjama, £6-£7

Send your little one off to dinosaur dreamland in these baby blue cuddly PJs. In sizes 12 months-5 years.

Available from Matalan

Dinosaur Hand Puppet Sewing Kits

Dinosaur Hand Puppet Sewing Kits, £1.18

Bring your dinosaurs to life after creating them with this cute hand puppet sewing kit. Suitable from 5 years.

Available from Baker Ross

Gund Dinosaurs Soft Toy

Gund Dinosaurs Soft Toy, £9.50

Friendly dinosaurs Steggy the Stegosaurus, Trevor Triceratops and Tristen T-Rex love to be cuddled and can’t wait to find a new home.  You don’t request which dino you want, so it’ll be a surprise for everyone when he arrives.

Available from John Lewis

Wooden T-Rex Dinosaur

Wooden T-Rex Dinosaur, £8

Coming to life piece by piece, you child can build this very cool moveable dino from scratch and paint him whatever colour he likes.


Available from ELC

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