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10 funky cutlery sets and feeding utensils for toddlers

Make mealtime fun with these quirky feeding accessories, from wacky toddler cutlery to chopsticks for children's hands


Child-friendly chopsticks

These trainer chopsticks are perfect for helping children learn how to use the real thing – or at least make mealtimes more fun!


Chimpsticks, £5.99 each, available from Find Me a Gift.


Mice and cheese cutlery

A cute set, designed and crafted in France. These are a standard adult size so best for children who’ve mastered feeding themselves.

Children’s cutlery with mouse, £14.17, available at Becky and Lolo.

Rivadossi Sandro Puppets children’s cutlery set

Smiley-face cutlery

Give mealtime a smiley face with this detachable knife, fork and spoon set.

Rivadossi Sandro Puppets children’s cutlery set, £16.50, available from Cooks & Kitchens.

Airfork One spoon

Aeroplane fork

A great way to get your baby or young toddler opening wide at dinner time! This is also easy to grip, for tots feeding themselves.

Air Fork One fork, £5.49, available from Amazon.

Stack and Snack set

LEGO cutlery

LEGO-mad? We are! This genius cutlery set not only looks cool, but doubles as a building toy too.

Fred and Friends Snack & Stack Cutlery Set, £15, available from John Lewis.

Bamboo cutlery

Bamboo cutlery

This simple eco-friendly cutlery set is chic and polished for a soft, smooth feel. It’s recommended for toddlers 18-36 months.

Bamboo children’s spoon and fork set, £4.50, available from NotOnTheHighstreet.

Children’s chopsticks

Chopsticks for children

These bright melamine chopsticks are joined at the top so great for little hands.

Children’s chopsticks, £2 each, available from Pinks & Green.

Constructive set

Digger dinner utensils

Part toy, part cutlery, this set will keep your tot focused on the big task at hand!

Constructive set, £11.95,  available from My Mums Factory.

Donkey products spoon

Crocodile spoon

This adorable little croc wheels the spoon around to make dinnertime fun.

Donkey Products Schnapp Schnapp children’s spoon, £12.50, available from Amazon.

Eddingtons cutlery set

Easy-grip cutlery set

This simple yet colourful cutlery set is made of easy-grip material.


Eddingtons Toddler Kids cutlery set, £36.99, available from Kitchen Shopping.

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