Budget buggies from big name brands

Buggies can now easily cost over £500, but there are plenty of top brand models that fit smaller budgets and yet still offer comfort, great steering and neat features. While many are designed for use from 6 months, some can be used from birth or from 3 months. Find out why your baby needs a lie-flat buggy from birth.


The buggies we’ve chosen all scored highly in our real-life independent buggy roadtests, and given a bit of love should last you and your baby well into toddlerhood. You can find out exactly what the price tag includes by clicking through to the full review accompanying each buggy.

The best place to start if you're looking for a pushchair is our step-by-step buyer's guide to buggies. Also check out our guide to finding the right buggy to take on holiday, our jargon-free look at pushchair features that your lifestyle does and doesn't need, plus advice for buying secondhand buggies.

Quinny Buzz

Maclaren Quest Sport, £140

British buggy maker Maclaren is known for its light, affordable, quality buggies for good reason, and the Quest Mod certain doesn't disappoint. This buggy can be used from 3 months to 3 years, and as you’d expect from Maclaren, it’s easy to fold. Because of its mere 5.5kg weight, it’s also easy to transport. But light and low cost doesn’t mean flimsy – it scores full marks for durability, too.

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Graco U'go

Nurse Nova Luxe, £114

Nurse is the value brand of the highly regarded Spanish car seat and buggy giant Jané. The Nova Luxe isn’t suitable from birth, but it is sturdy, stylish and weighs in at a very light 5.9kg. Included in the £114 price tag are a host of accessories, and it scores full marks in all areas, from folding and steering to comfort for your baby.

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Silver Cross Fizz

Silver Cross Fizz, £80

Another stylish pushchair from well-known Britsh buggy maker Silver Cross. The Fizz, suitable from 6 months, offers a surprising amount of comfort for your child. It’s really lightweight – just 5kg – and yet still feels sturdy enough to survive constant use. The great price tag is backed up with good features, including the ability to fold easily with one hand.

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Britax Beep

Maclaren Triumph, £110

The Maclaren Triumph, suitable from 3 month, is easy to lift, fold and manoeuvre due to its tiny 5.2kg weight. It boasts Maclaren’s “five second one-hand fold”, and is compact when collapsed, too. A nifty option for holidays or parents frequently on and off public transport.

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Jane Sonic

Jané Sonic, £129.99

Light but sturdy, the Sonic is suitable from 6 months and gives a comfy ride for your baby. It's an umbrella-fold buggy, and is very compact when folded, making it perfect for a small car boot or restricted space at home. It’s easy to adjust the handle height, can be stored upright and has a carry handle to make carting around that little bit simpler.

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Nurse Urban

Micralite Fastfold Super-lite, £150

Suitable from 6 months, the Micralite Fastfold Super-lite gives two things away with its name. Firstly, it is fast to fold (and can stand on its end, without needing to lean on anything, once folded). Secondly, it is light, weighing just 6.2kg. Other claims to fame include great handling, one-handed steering and those pneumatic rear wheels that let it tackle a cross-country trip through the park. Top marks for this top buggy!

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Mamas & Papas Pulse+

Chicco Lite Way, £119

With a seat that can recline to a flat position, the Chicco Lite Way is suitable from birth. Weighing 6.9kg, the Lite Way is light and manoeuvrable. It collapses down to a small size and scores 5 out of 5 for ease of folding. Unlike some rivals, the Lite Way’s shopping basket is a great size, and this can become a backpack. Handy!

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Hauck Roadster

Jané Energy, £109.99

Suitable from birth, the Jané Energy is very light (5.6kg) and easy to steer, even on slightly rougher ground. The seat is generous and can be reclined flat with one hand. The Energy feels robust and well made, especially for an umbrella-fold buggy, and could easily be your sole buggy for everyday use.

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Maclaren Quest Mod

Maclaren Quest Mod, £150

Suitable from 3 month, the Maclaren Quest Mod weighs a lightweight 5.5kg, yet is still robust and sturdy. The umbrella-fold mechanism, which can be operated with one hand, makes it ideal for those always getting in and out of the car. It has a self-fastening clip to hold it closed, so collapsing and carting it whilst you’re juggling your baby in your other arm is simple.

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Petite Star City Bug Travel System

Chicco Xplorer Stroller, £54.99

No, we haven’t skipped a digit off that price! The Chicco Xplorer Stroller is not just cheap, but lightweight (6kg) and robust enough to tackle uneven terrain. Suitable from 6 months, it will also accommodate taller toddlers well. It's not fancy, but it folds and unfolds easily, which is great for both car and public transport users.


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