The Snow Womble by Elisabeth Beresford and Nick Price (Walker Books, £6.99)

Your child can enter a world of wild and woolly winter fun with Orinoco, Bungo and co in The Wombles' jolly new adventure.


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The Empty Stocking

The Empty Stocking by Richard Curtis (Puffin, £12.99)

Rom-com king Richard Curtis has applied his heart-warming expertise to this witty, sweet children's read. Twins Charlie and Sam (naughty and nice respectively) think they know which of Santa's lists they belong on, but a blunder from the big guy may just change all that...

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Mr Men Meet Father Christmas

Mr Men Meet Father Christmas by Roger Hargreaves (Egmont, £2.99)

A sackload of seasonal hilarity as the ever popular Messrs Men meet Father Christmas. The season of goodwill is every bit as fun and frenzied as you might expect with jubilant sheep and rose-tinted snow.

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When It Snows

When It Snows by Richard Collingridge (Random House, £10.99)

Stunning, sweeping illustrations by newcomer Richard Collingridge will whisk your tot away on a magical winter's journey.

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When Will It Snow?

When Will It Snow? by Kathryn White and Alison Edgson (Little Tiger Press, £5.99)

Tantalise your tot with the sweet anticipation of snowfall in this festive tale of friendship, where a little bear can't help but ask, "when will it snow?"

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The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker by Alison Jay (Templar, £10.99)

Clara’s classic adventure, The Nutcracker, is retold and illustrated with all the sweetness of a sugar plum fairy.

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The Snowman

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs (Puffin, £7.99)

Surely no other snowman could last 30 years? Celebrate Raymond Briggs' frosty friend's milestone with this anniversary book and CD set.

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When I Dream Of Christmas

When I Dream Of Christmas by Patricia Yuste (Top That Publishing, £6.99)

When I Dream Of Christmas is a festive gift for all! Cool design and tradition for you, and glitter galore for your little one!

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Hello Santa!

Hello Santa! by Jenny Broom and Christine Tappin (Templar, £9.99)

Say Hello Santa and enjoy light-up, noisy, pop-up hi-jinx with the rotund man in red himself.

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The Twelve Days Of Christmas

The Twelve Days Of Christmas (Usborne, £12.99)

Five go-oold rings! Trill your way through the Twelve Days of Christmas with seasonal sound effects and richly coloured illustrations.


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