Tigger Classic - Infant Costume, £14.99

Your little ones will go bouncing mad for this all in one Tigger costume. An instant transformation from tot to Tiger from Tesco. Suitable for 1-2 years.


Cars 2 Dress-Up, £8

This costume takes fancy dress to a whole new level with wheels on the waist to make kids look like they're a car. A quirky outfit fit for any Cars enthusiast. Suitable for ages 2-6. From Mothercare.


Kermit Character Costume, £25

Bring the Muppets to your next party with this groovy green kids' outfit. Going green from head to toe (well, er, waist), all your little ones need to do now is practice the Kermit voice. Ages 3m to 8y. Find him at the Disney Store.


Jack Sparrow Costume, £24.99

What party would be complete without a scally-wag pirate? Turn your child into Cap'n with this delux Jack Sparrow outfit. Suitable from 3+. Buy yours from Toys R Us.


Alice in Wonderland costume, £12.50

With this outfit all you need is the white rabbit! A bargain at £12.50 for all of the extras and perfect for any tea party. Suitable for ages 3-8. Find it at George, Asda.

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Peter Pan Dress-Up Costume, £14.99

Kids can swear to be children forever in this fantastic Peter Pan outfit. Perfect excuse for a party. Suitable for 5-7 years. Get yours from Argos.


Boys High School Musical - Troy Fancy Dress Costume, £21

High School Musical fans can feel like one of the Wild Cats with this super cool costume. Singing totally optional Ages 3-10. Find yours at Woolworths.


Prince Charming Costume, £22

What Princess wouldn't be swept off her feet by this little charming boy? Ideal for boys who are looking for a glamourous partner at their next fancy dress party. Ages 3-10. Available at the Disney Store.


Minnie Mouse ears, £2.10

Minnie Mouse ears are the perfect accessory to make a simple dress Minnie Mouse-esque. One size fits all so a great all-round fancy dress product to have to hand. Find them on Amazon.


Tinkerbell Costume, £14

To match Peter Pan, we need the essential Disney fairy - Tink. This green gem is a perfect outfit for wannabe fairies. After all, the best things come in little packages! Ages 1-10. Buy now at Sainsburys.