Your little one's temperature can be a bit of an obsession when you're a new mum - and we totally get that.


A baby can't monitor how hot or cold they are in the same way adults can and so it's important for us to make sure the atmosphere - especially in the room they're sleeping in - is just right.

To help you out, there are loads of great room monitors out there. Here are our pick of the best.

We've also got some great tips on how to keep your baby sleeping safely in hot weather.


1. The Gro Company Gro-Egg, £14.99

A simple but brilliant idea - and such a popular thermometer.

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It changes colour as the temperature changes so you can be sure at a glance that everything is just right.

Available from: Argos


2. Philips Avent Bath And Room Flower Thermometer, £11.99

Cute 2-in-1 number that you can pop in the bath to make sure the water's not too hot - or cold - and your little one can use it as a bath toy too.

Then, fish it out, dry it up and use it in their nursery.


3. Dreambaby Crocodile Bath And Baby Thermometer, £14.99

Another thermometer that doubles as a bath toy.

This one's available from loads of places - including your local supermarket. Great price, too.

Available from: Argos


4. NSA'UK Digital Hygrometer And Thermometer, £12.99

Here's another gadget with a multi-function. This thermometer also measures the humidity/dryness of your home which can affect health and ruin books and furniture.

Agreed, it's not as cute-looking as some of the others here but we like what it offers.

Available from: Amazon


5. Babymoov Well-being Night Light, £29.99

This cute-looking gadget does three things in one - as well as indicating room temperature and humidity it acts as a light - 7 different shades available.

Available from: Babymoov


6. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bath And room Thermometer, £12.99

If you're a fan of Tommee Tippee's huge range of baby stuff, you might want to stick with the brand.

This is a really sweet looking thermometer that's also certified as a bath toy.

Available from: Amazon


7. Brother Max Ray Bath And Room Thermometer, £11.99

This compact little number sits on a shelf and floats in the bath. It's an award winner too - and has gained a Mother & Baby gold star.


8. Vital Nurture Baby Room And Bath Thermometer, £7.99

One of the sweetest-looking baby thermometers out there.

There's a warning flashlight that goes off if the bath water is too hot to ensure your little one doesn't get scolded. Plus it's brilliant value.

Available from: Little Holmes Storehouse


9. Motorola Baby Monitor, £39.99

If you haven't got a baby monitor yet but are thinking of getting one, this nifty number is a monitor and thermometer in one.

While it might be pricier than others in this list, its double function could mean it's a money-saver in the long run.

Available from: Motorola store


10. Brother Max 3-In-1 Room And Body Thermometer, £37.99

This 3-in-1 thermometer looks ultra cool and is multi-purpose - acting as a an ear, forehead and room thermometer.

If your little one's prone to fevers (as so many are) this will come in super handy.

Available from: Kidly


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