Hitting the pub, chilling on a particularly stressed out evening or attending/throwing a party can be a tricky business when you're trying to avoid booze.


Sure, there are guidelines for pregnant and breastfeeding women who occasionally fancy a tipple, but what about for all the other occasions where alcohol is a no-go (especially those nights when you're the one stuck driving)?

Turns out, there are loads of alcohol-free and low alcohol alternatives out there.

So, if you're on a mission to replace your favourite drink with something similar, look no further.

Here are 19 of the best wine, beer, cider and spirit alternatives...

1. Cawston Press Sparkling Water


What it tastes like: Sparkling water pressed with a variety of flavours - we tried Apple, Rhubarb and Gooseberry. We reckon the Gooseberry one would be a nice cider replacement. There’s also a Ginger Beer flavour.

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How much alcohol is in it? Absolutely none.

What it costs: 99p per can, available from Waitrose. Visit the official Cawston Press site for more info.

2. Kopparberg Alcohol Free Cider


What it tastes like: The Kopparberg flavours you’re used to - just without that alcoholic taste. Our MFM testers thought they tasted just as good as the real deal.

How much alcohol is in it? 0 units per serving, but there is less than 0.05% alcohol by volume (ABV)

What it costs: £1.29 per bottle from most supermarkets, including Tesco

3. Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits


What it tastes like: It smells a bit like perfume, but the Garden 108 option has a very similar taste to a gin and tonic. The Spice 94 variety has a bit of a spicy kick to it, with very subtle hints of clove and grapefruit.

How much alcohol is in it? None.

What it costs: £27.95 for a 700ml bottle, available from The Whisky Exchange

4. Fever Tree Indian & Elderflower Tonic Waters


What it tastes like: A classic tonic mixer, though there’s an elderflower flavour for something a bit different!

How much alcohol is in it? None.

What it costs: approx £1.95 per 500ml bottle, available in most UK supermarkets

5. Teetotal G’n’T


What it tastes like: Our testers reckoned this booze-less gin and tonic really did have a similar taste, and noted they’d definitely feel like they were drinking while sipping on it.

How much alcohol is in it? None.

Things to note: Only 52 calories per bottle.

What it costs: varies, but starts at £1.99 per bottle, available from drydrinker.com

6. ASDA Extra Special Pink Muscat


What it tastes like: We got a Shloer-esque vibe from this sparkling grape drink, though it's not quite as sweet.

How much alcohol is in it? None.

What it costs: £2.50 for a 750ml bottle, from ASDA.

7. Mr Fitzpatrick’s Cordial


What it tastes like: Unusual dilute juice in flavours like Rhubarb and Rose, and Lemon, Cucumber and Mint - tastes refined when mixed with water, but also a great mixer with something like Seedlip.

How much alcohol is in it? None.

What it costs: £3.99, from Mr Fitzpatrick's

8. Sainsbury’s Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine


What it tastes like: A booze-less prosecco, with the same bitterness of a champagne.

How much alcohol is in it? 0 units / 0.05% ABV

What it costs: £2.75 per bottle, from Sainsbury's

9. Sainsbury’s Alcohol Free Red Wine


What it tastes like: A very sweet wine. It doesn't taste exactly like wine (because there's next to no alcohol in it obvs), but it might be a suitable fit for a fan of red.

How much alcohol is in it? 0 units / 0.05% ABV

What it costs: £2.75 per bottle, from Sainsbury's

10. Tesco Finest Alcohol Free Chenin Blanc


What it tastes like: You can certainly taste the grape. It's sparkling and satisfying, though it doesn't have the bitterness of a champagne or prosecco.

How much alcohol is in it? 0.375 units / 0.5%ABV

What it costs: £2.75 per bottle, from Tesco

11. Tesco Finest Alcohol Free Pinotage Blush


What it tastes like: A sweet, fizzy wine, which we think might work for fans of rose.

How much alcohol is in it? 0.375 units / 0.5%ABV

What it costs: £2.75 per bottle, from Tesco

12. Disney Frozen Bubbly


What it tastes like: Fizzy and tart, with a strong bubblegum/blueberry taste.

Things to note: The drink itself is bright blue, but the bottle has a nice ‘pop’ on opening - so fun for kids, maybe not for a grown-up get together.

How much alcohol is in it? None

What it costs: £4.49 for 750ml, from alcoholfree.co.uk

13. Alcohol Free Budweiser Budvar Lager


What it tastes like: A sweet lager. Our testers thought it tasted very similar to an alcoholic counterpart.

Things to note: The booze-free Bud we tried (pictured right) was from the Czech Republic, though there may be other varieties available.

How much alcohol is in it? 0.4% ABV

What it costs: £16.99 for 12 bottles, from drydrinker.com

14. Tesco Finest Sicilian Lemon & Garden Mint Presse


What it tastes like: Exactly what it sounds like! It’s very minty - so could be a lovely alternative for a fan of Mojito-esque cocktails.

How much alcohol is in it? None.

What it costs: £1.85 for 750ml, from Tesco

15. Soda Folk Drinks


What it tastes like: These soda imports from Colorado craft brewers have by no means a burst of sugary flavour - they have no added sugar and are around 80 - 90 calories a bottle.

But that's exactly why it's a great alternative to alcohol. The flavours are subtle, and it's quite dry, like a sparkling wine or a cider. The cherry is a particular good shout for someone missing their regular boozy bevvy, but there's also grape, apple, juniper and orange to choose from.

How much alcohol is in it? None.

What it costs: £18 for 12 bottles (ideal for a party), from Soda Folk

16. Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling White Wine


What it tastes like: It's definitely got a sweeter edge than regular prosecco, but we did note that the after taste is very like prosecco, meaning you're not going to be craving that alcoholic kick after drinking.

Things to note: The bottle is fabulous, looks legit, and makes a convincing loud and smoky pop when the cork comes out. We also found ourselves sipping it, not downing it like some other fruity booze alternatives we tried.

How much alcohol is in it? 0.0%

What it costs: £8.99 a bottle, from Drydrinker

17. Eisberg Sparkling White and Rose


What it tastes like: Both are quite sweet and not very dry, as we've noticed with most of our alcohol-free alternatives. Team MFM certainly enjoyed them, though, and would be happy drinking these while avoiding bubbly at a party.

How much alcohol is in it? No more than 0.05% ABV

What it costs: £4 a bottle, from Ocado

18. Belvoir Fruit Farms Presse & Cordials


What it tastes like: There are many different flavours to pick from, depending on your typical drink of choice.

The cucumber and mint presse, botanical juniper tonic and light elderflower presse work well for anyone trying to replace a dry G&T or a vodka lime and soda, and there's lots of fruitier options for cider and wine fans. Ginger beer's a classic, too.

How much alcohol is in it? Absolutely none!

What it costs: £2.99 for a 750ml bottle, from Belvoir Fruit Farms, Ocado and Waitrose

19. Wild Fizz Kombucha


What it tastes like: Kombucha is fermented tea, not juice, so don't expect a sweet taste like you'd get from fizzy pop. However, it's a low cal sparkling drink with a tart tang that might be worth a try when you're saying no to a boozy tipple.

It's probably more of an acquired taste than anything else on the list, and best avoided by pregnant/breastfeeding women because it's unpasteurised.

So, it's an option for mums/dads with older kids who are avoiding alcohol at parties and events, or are thinking about Dry January.

How much alcohol is in it? Trace amounts, that occur naturally from the fermentation process. Check the label if you're buying it bottled.

What it costs: £23.90 for 12 cans, or £29.90 from 12 bottles, from Wild Fizz Kombucha

Watch our alcohol-free taste test here...

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