The inner workings of the human body are not always the easiest concepts to grasp – even for us grown-ups! So, cleverly made (and, often, take-part) toys are a great way to introduce the human anatomy to children of all ages, from toddlers to primary school.


Whether it's puzzles and activity kits, plush toys and pull-apart dolls, board games or apps - there are plenty of ways to help get your little one to grips with biology.

Some of these toys for school-aged children probably need a bit of extra explaining to get the best value from them. Others, however, are more for fun than anything else – you're sneaking in the educational stuff ?

Here are the best body part, anatomy and biology toys you can buy in the UK...

1. Roylco What’s Inside Me Doll, approx £75


Age: 3 years +

What it is: A soft doll, which opens up at the abdomen to reveal multi-coloured organs.

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Why we love it: A lot of dolls with organs inside are made of harder materials, and look like they belong in a school classroom, for slightly older kids. This one is way less clinical, so ideal for teaching 3, 4, 5 year olds about the human body. We also love its cute little face. Only downside? It's hard to come by in the UK right now, so is pretty pricey to buy on Amazon.

Available from: Roylco and Amazon

2. Learning Resources Brain Model Toy, £20


Age: 8 years +

What it is: A 3D anatomical model of the human brain.

Why we love it: If your child loves science and biology, this will be right up their street. We also like that it doesn't cost a bomb.

Available from: Trouva

3. Clementoni Anatomy Play Lab, £13.05


Age: 8 years +

What it is: A collection of games and activities all related to the human body.

Why we love it: Well, the set's been approved by London's famous Science Museum, so that's a proper thumbs-up. Through puzzles and anatomy tables, kids can assemble the human body. Very hands-on learning, and gives them lots of opportunity to ask questions.

Available from: Amazon

4. I Heart Guts Plush Toy, approx £15


Age: No recommendation given - so we reckon 2 - 3 years.

What is it: Smiley-faced, brightly-coloured toys in the shape of organs.

Why we love it: From gallbladders to kidneys, brains to lungs, teeth to the... prostate? Yep, you're going to be spoiled for choice when you look through the selection.We think these will be brilliantly suited to families with sick parents, relatives, children. These plushy and weirdly adorable toys can help tots understand that there are organs inside our bodies, and help explain that sometimes these organs don't do their jobs properly.

Available from: I Heart Guts

5. Operation Board Game, £23


Age: 6 years +

What it is: A board game in the shape of an operating table. Aim of the game: get 13 'plastic ailments' out of the patient, using mini tongs, without hitting the sides - or you'll hear a buzzer! Whoever gets the most parts out, wins!

Why we love it: Operation is a classic, right? It's wholesome family fun, and teaches school-aged kids about various body parts, organs and bones. It also gets pretty tense when you're trying to avoid the buzzer...

Available from: Argos

6. Learning Resources Pumping Heart Model, £38


Age: 8 - 12 years

What it is: A mess-free model which allows your child to pump 'blood' from the heart and lungs.

Why we love it: This toy encapsulates lots of the senses – children have to use the pump to show how the body's blood flow works. For easy learning, the heart chambers are clearly labelled, kids can see the main artery and the veins. We also like that there's 'blood' – not real, obviously, but coloured liquid kids can use as the blood.

Available from: Learning Resources

7. Curiscope Children's Virtuali-tee T-shirt, £22


Age: 5 to 13 years

What it is: A machine washable T-shirt that, when combined with a free app, becomes a scan-able virtual reality playground, allowing kids to explore the human body via a tablet or smartphone.

Why we love it: Is it a toy? Is it clothing? Do apps count as toys? We love this whatever the answer to those questions. It's really ideal for kids who love technology - a great way to get them excited about learning biology. We also haven't seen anything quite like it before.

Available from: Science Museum Shop

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