10 of the best baby mattresses

The best baby mattresses, from anti-allergy and natural baby mattresses, to travel mattresses, Moses basket mattresses and cot mattresses


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Buying a baby mattress is an important decision, although many Moses baskets, cots and cot beds come supplied with a mattress, you may wish to buy your own.

This is especially true if you are buying a secondhand baby bed, as baby mattresses are one item that should be bought new every time.

What size baby mattresses are there?

It completely depends on the bed your little one will be sleeping on – but the great news is that baby bed mattresses come in all different shapes and sizes to suit.

  • Moses basket mattress – generally around 28cm x 75cm, but can be slightly larger or smaller to fit individual brands, or custom made
  • Travel cot mattress – 65cm x 95cm
  • Small cot mattress – 54cm x 90cm
  • Cot mattress – 60cm x 120cm
  • Cot bed mattress – 70cm x 140cm

Why can’t I buy a second-hand baby mattress?

The danger with a secondhand mattress is that it can lose its shape and may contain hidden bacteria and dust mites. It will also probably be less comfortable.

Also, there’s evidence to suggest that SIDS, or cot death, is linked to secondhand mattresses, so we at MFM don’t recommend it.

Types of baby mattresses:

Generally, cot mattresses are firm, to provide support for your baby, but they can be made from a variety of fillings – just like adult mattresses.

Many are made from nursery grade foam, but they can also be made from natural fillings such as coconut fibres, wool, and bamboo.

Pocket spring mattresses – which have small springs, each encased in its own fabric covering – are generally more expensive.

It’s worth looking out for removable, washable covers if it’s a mattress your little one will be using on a regular basis!

What type of baby mattress is safe?

In the UK, baby mattresses and cot mattresses must meet two British Standards for safety.

These are BS 1877-10:2011 + A1:2012, which covers the materials, construction and dimensions, and BS 7177:2008 + A1:2011, which covers flammability and fire safety. So look for the tag detailing the safety standards of your chosen mattress.

When do I flip or replace a baby mattress?

Most baby mattresses shouldn’t need replacing during the time your little one is using it – some even come with a 5 year guarantee.  But remember, they do need replacing for each new baby that comes along, to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Some cot mattresses have two different sides that vary in firmness that can be swapped as your little one grows – it is best to check the instructions on your individual mattress to find out when to flip it.

Other mattresses can be rotated throughout their use, to ensure your little one always gets a supportive night’s sleep. Why not try numbering the corners so you can remember which way you last rotated it?

Read our buyer’s guide to baby mattresses here

What kind of bedding can I use?

To make sure you’re arranging your baby’s bedding as safely as possible, you can either:

  • Use highly-fitted sheets and blankets, firmly tucked in – not above shoulder height. And place your baby with his feet at the foot of his bed (so he can’t wriggle down and get the sheets over his head)… or…
  • Use a baby sleeping bag – which means your baby won’t need sheets and blankets at all. Be sure to buy the correct size (so that your baby can’t slip down inside) and the right tog for the room temperature and season.

See the best baby mattresses and cot mattresses on the market…

Buy your baby – and yourself – the best night’s sleep with our highly rated selection of mattresses, whether you’re at home or on holiday


1. The Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Mattress, £149-£199

Type: Cot/cot bed/toddler/single mattress

Sizes: 38cm x 89cm, 60cm x 120cm, 68cm x 117cm (SnuzKot), 68cm x 122cm (Stokke Sleepi), 69cm x 139cm (Mamas & Papas), 70cm x 132cm (Pottery Barn Kids), 70cm x 140cm, 77cm x 132cm, 70cm x 160cm (IKEA toddler)

Interior: Organic coconut coir, latex, cotton & wool

Age suitable for: From newborn

Encased in a luxurious cotton cover, the coconut fibre and latex in this organic, all-natural mattress act like thousands of tiny springs to support your baby.

Like the (pricier) Merifor Tranquillity Cotbed and the Silentnight Safe Night Memory Wool Cot mattresses, the Twist is double-sided. The firmer side has a woollen layer suitable for babies, then later you can flip it over to use the softer-support latex side for toddlers.

It’s worth noting that unlike many mattresses on the market, such as Merifor, Obaby and Baby Elegance (see below), the cover is sponge-clean only. So, if you plan to use it from baby posseting through to toilet-training accidents, we’d recommend you also buy the Little Green Sheep’s breathable waterproof mattress protector.

This means it’s a pricier buy than the similar Natural Coir/Wool Mattress from Obaby, but it does come in plenty of sizes. MFM tester Alexis says: “Absolutely love this mattress! It’s comfortable and very well made. My daughter sleeps great. Great quality. Definitely worth the price tag.”

Available from: Little Green Sheep, John Lewis and Amazon


2. Merifor Tranquillity Cotbed Mattress, £250

Type: Cotbed mattress

Size: 70cm x 140cm

Interior: Polyester, polyurethane

Age suitable for: From newborn

With this high-quality, anti-allergy mattress, not only is your baby well supported for a blissful slumber, but they’re also protected from any allergens while they snooze. Other mattresses in this roundup, including the one from Baby Elegance, also have anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite qualities, but the Merifor Tranquillity is the first cot mattress to be endorsed by Allergy UK. An added bonus is that although it’s the priciest mattress in this selection, you get two mattresses for one (similar to the Twist mattress from Little Green Sheep and the Silentnight mattress).

In the early months, superior foam supports your sleeping baby, and once they reach 10kg, you flip it over and use the side with micro pocket springs. Made from special fabric that helps keep your baby cool, the cover can be removed and washed at 60°C. Our MFM tester Susan says “I absolutely LOVE this mattress! It is firm, yet extremely comfortable. It is very supportive of my baby’s back, and she slept like an angel in it.”

Available from: Hawkin’s Bazaar and Merifor

3. Eve Baby Mattress, £129-£149

Type: Cot & cot bed mattress

Sizes: 60cm x 120cm, 70cm x 140cm

Interior: PVC protector, pocket springs, nursery grade foam

Age suitable for: From newborn to age six

If you’re struggling to decide on a mattress for your baby, then the Eve Baby Mattress is a no-risk buy – try it for 30 nights and if your baby doesn’t sleep soundly, you can return it for a full refund. To help your baby get their zzzs, the Eve mattress uses pocket springs – just like the Silentnight and Merifor mattresses – and nursery-grade foam.

Moisture-wicking and breathable, the cover has a built-in waterproof panel (unique in this group), as well as antibacterial properties like several of our other recommended mattresses. Another plus is that its cover is removable and can be washed at 60°C to get rid of any telltale signs of leaks and spills as well as allergens such as dust mites.

Available from: Eve Sleep and Amazon


4. The Little Green Sheep – Natural Mattress – Moses Basket, £39.95

Type: Moses basket mattress

Sizes: 28cm x 74cm (Clair de Lune), 28cm x 75cm (Mothercare), 30cm x 66.5cm (Mamas & Papas), custom-made option

Interior: Cotton, coconut, latex and wool

Age suitable for: From birth to six months

Beautifully handmade using just four natural materials – organic cotton, coconut fibres, latex and wool – and no nasty chemicals, this MadeForMums award-winning Moses basket mattress offers the firm support your baby needs in those early months. With a luxurious, breathable, herringbone cotton cover, the Little Green Sheep Moses Basket Mattress is also naturally hypoallergenic, with a moisture-absorbing woollen layer to keep dust mites and bacteria away.

It comes in plenty of sizes and if none of those suit, you can have it custom-made. The only minus is that its cover is sponge-clean only and can’t be washed – unlike the cover of the other Moses basket mattress in our roundup, from Clevamama. To keep your mattress in good condition, we suggest you buy the Little Green Sheep waterproof mattress protector, too (£12.95). The cost of the mattress and the protector makes this mattress pricier than the Clevamama mattress, at nearly twice the price, but it’s worth knowing that you can get the protector for £9.95 if you buy it at the same time as the mattress.

MFM tester Natalia says: “It was very comfortable for my little girl and I knew she was in a safe environment free from chemicals. We had bought another branded Moses basket which was more expensive than this and the mattress quality is nowhere near as good as this one.”

Available from: Little Green Sheep, Amazon and Natural Baby Shower

5. Obaby Natural Coir/Wool Mattress, £119.99

Type: Cot bed mattress

Sizes: 70cm x 140cm

Interior: Coconut coir, latex and wool

Age suitable for: From birth

If you want a chemical-free, all-natural mattress for your baby, then the Obaby Natural Coir/Wool Mattress is a great option. Only eco-friendly coconut coir, latex, bamboo fabric and wool have been used to create this high-quality mattress. The natural materials used in the core mimic the feel of springs, a lambswool layer makes it breathable, and the cover is made from organic, soft-touch bamboo fabric, which Obaby claims is ‘four times better than cotton’ for its natural antibacterial properties, protecting your baby from allergens and dust mites.

The mattress’s natural, eco features make it similar to the Little Green Sheep Twist Mattress, but a big plus with the Obaby one is there’s no need to worry about your baby’s inevitable milk spills and nappy leaks because, unlike with the Twist, you can zip off the cover and pop it in the wash. It’s also nearly £60 cheaper than the Twist Mattress, and with less need to spend extra cash on a waterproof mattress protector, it’s excellent value. The only cons are that it’s not double-sided like the Little Green Sheep Twist, and you can only buy it in one size.

Available from: Amazon, Precious Little One and Kiddies Kingdom


6. Merifor Travel Mattress (for travel cots; award winner), £70.00

Type: Travel cot mattress

Sizes: 64cm x 93cm

Interior: Nursery foam

Age suitable for: From birth

Using the same advanced, allergy-eliminating technology as Merifor’s Allergy UK-approved Tranquillity Mattress, the MadeForMums award-winning Merifor Travel Mattress means there’s no need to compromise on your baby’s quality of sleep away from home. While some travel cot mattresses can be disappointingly thin, this high-quality mattress is thick, comfy and supportive, with special, breathable fabric to help keep your baby cool at night – which can be a challenge on holiday.

Like several of the other mattresses in our roundup, it’s been treated to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and you can wash its removable outer cover at 60°C, so there’s no need to worry about allergens and dust mites. All these features make it more luxurious than the other travel mattress in this selection, Mothercare’s Essentials Travel Mattress, but it’s also got a much higher price tag. Unlike most travel mattresses, it also can’t be rolled or folded, so it may be too bulky to take on some trips away.

MFM tester Stephanie says “Good quality product, my baby seemed very comfortable whilst sleeping on this mattress. The fact that the cover is washable and the mattress is anti-allergenic is very appealing to me.”

Available from: Precious Little One and Hawkin’s Bazaar

7. Silentnight Safe Night Memory Wool Cot Mattress, £239.00

Type: Cot bed mattress

Sizes: 70cm x 140cm

Interior: Microquilted layer, Airstream memory wool, polyester, mini pocket springs

Age suitable for: From birth to 6 years

To ensure your baby has a peaceful night’s rest, this cot mattress from well-known bed and mattress brand Silentnight uses memory wool and pocket springs for support, like some of the other mattresses in this group. Just like the Merifor Tranquillity Mattress and the Twist Mattress from Little Green Sheep, it’s double-sided – one side has cooler quilting to help your baby sleep soundly on hot summer nights, while the other side is cosier to keep them snuggly and warm in winter.

It has a removable, washable cover, just like the mattresses from Merifor, Eve and Baby Elegance, and as with several of our other recommended mattresses, it’s been treated to keep nasties like dust mites away. There’s no denying it’s quite pricey, being the second most expensive mattress in this group, but it does offer two mattresses in one, to help your baby sleep well whatever the season.

Available from: Beds4uDirect, SimplyBedsUK and Babateen

8.Mothercare Essential Travel Cot Mattress, £15

Type: Travel cot mattress

Sizes: 66.5cm x 96cm

Interior: foam

Age suitable for: From birth

At this price, this travel mattress is hard to beat. Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the other travel mattress in this roundup, the Merifor, it is much cheaper. Made with baby-safe foam, it has a waterproof, wipeable cover so any spillages can be easily cleaned up. It’s also foldable and comes with its own travel bag, making it easy to pop into your luggage. If your travel cot’s mattress is on the thin side, then this should help your baby sleep better without having to spend lots of cash.

Available from: Mothercare and JK Evans Emporium


9. ClevaMama ClevaFoam® Moses Basket Mattress, from £26.60

Type: Moses basket mattress

Sizes: 66cm x 28cm, 74cm x 30cm

Interior: Polyurethane foam, polyester

Age suitable for: From birth

Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced and free from any toxins, ClevaMama’s Moses Basket Mattress is suitable for babies with allergies. Made using ClevaFoam filling, it’s super-supportive and is the only product scientifically proven to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome – reducing the pressure on the back of your baby’s head by 50% and increasing support by 80%. It comes with a removable and machine-washable cover, and you can hand-wash the mattress if you need to – practical advantages that put it ahead of the Little Green Sheep’s Moses basket mattress. It also comes with its own carry bag for storage.

The ClevaMama Moses basket mattress only comes in two sizes, but considering you get a mattress with all these features, at nearly half of the price of Little Green Sheep’s Moses Basket Mattress, it’s great value for money.

Available from: Clevamama, Amazon and Daisy Baby Shop

10. Baby Elegance Health Care Anti-allergy Cot/Cot Bed Mattress, £49.50-£58.50

Type: Cot/ cot bed mattress

Sizes: 60cm x 120cm, 70cm x 140cm

Interior: Wellcare Protect fibres

Age suitable for: From birth

Made by hand, this mattress has been specially designed to help protect your baby from allergens. Fully breathable, it’s chemical-free and uses eco-friendly Wellcare Protect fibres which make the mattress a no-go zone for dust mites. Like many of the mattresses in this group, it has a removable and washable cover for when those little accidents occur. Compared to the other anti-allergy mattresses in our roundup, from Merifor and Obaby, the Baby Elegance mattress offers real value. What’s more, it comes in multiple sizes for cribs and travel cots as well as cot beds.

Available from: Baby Elegance, Argos and Amazon

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