Baby shower gifts aren't always easy to buy: it's hard to know what the mum-to-be already has for her little one, plus sometimes we know mums-to-be don't always specify what they'd like for fear of seeming presumptuous.


If you are planning to purchase a gift there are lots of lovely trinkets and useful baby shower presents available for every budget. Our selection goes from £6, all the way up to £180.

We've covered everything from expensive keepsakes to newborn essentials and baby toys – as well as a couple of gifts to that any new mum would love to receive.

If you want some inspiration for what to buy a new mum, check out best gifts for new mums and mums-to-be.

Best baby shower gifts at a glance:

Baby shower gifts under £15

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  • Best budget gift: Boots Baby Muslin Squares & Burper Set, £6.30
  • Best quirky gift: Handmade Baby Vest Shaped Tea Bags, £12.50
  • Best for twins: Twin Baby Milestone Cards, £6.49

Baby shower gifts £15-60

  • Best gift for mums: Mum Bub Hub Postpartum Essentials Bundle, £45
  • Best for baby sensory development: Etta Loves Hanging Squares, £22
  • Best toy gift set: Nuby Animal Adventures Baby Toy Gift Set, £16.99
  • Best for a winter baby: Neutrum Bear Winter Warmer Set, £29.99
  • Best for parents who have everything: Baby Blooms Georgie Giraffe Nappy Cake, £55

Baby shower gifts over £60

  • Best for saving time: Cook New Parents 7 Nights of Meals, £76.90
  • Best for bottle feeding: MAM Easy Start Bottle & Microwave Steriliser Set, £78
  • Best luxury gift for mums: Bumbles & Boo Baby Shower Hamper, £79.95
  • Best for breastfeeding mums: Fraupow Wearable Pump, £89.99
  • Best keepsake gift: Memory Makers Gift Box: 3D Framed Casts, From £180

How should I choose a baby shower gift?

Price – An important aspect when choosing a gift is to know what you're willing or able to spend. That will help to guide you and know what kind of gift you'll be purchasing, whether that's a super useful gadget, daily use baby clothing or something affordable yet thoughtful for the mum. Whatever your budget is, you can find something on our list that the new parents will be more than pleased to receive.

Taste – The perfect baby shower gift will also be determined by what your mum-to-be likes. If she has supplied a gift list, that will help to eliminate the guessing game and wondering what they like. But if they don't have a gift list just think about their taste and style and what you think they might like.

First baby? – If this is pregnancy number 1 then there are going to be lots of things that mum and baby will need. A first-time mum-to-be will always value baby clothing, toys and perhaps something thoughtful for herself to welcome her into motherhood. If it's not your recipient's first child then she'll probably have a lot of stuff already that can be passed down to the new baby. In this case, your gift may focus more on a big treat for her or something extra special for the baby, such as a personalised present.

Space – Big gifts are great, but will they fit in your recipient's home? Consider what kind of living space they have and that will give you some guidance as to what kind of gift to buy for them.

How much should I spend on a baby shower gift?

Aim to spend what you can afford. Practical and useful gifts aren't always expensive – just think of how affordable a giant packet of nappies is!

Always stick to your budget – the new parents will likely receive lots of gifts and will be grateful for each of them. It can feel like there’s pressure to spend a lot, especially if you are attending an event like a baby shower, but it’s the thought that counts. Don't overstretch yourself, just spend what you are comfortable with.

We've split our round-up of baby shower gifts into 3 sections according to your budget:

Baby shower gifts under £15 | Baby shower gifts £15-60 | Baby shower gifts over £60

Here's our list of the best baby shower gifts...

Baby shower gifts under £15

1. Boots Baby Muslin Squares & Burper Set, £6.30

– Best budget gift

boots muslin baby set

Suitable for: From birth

Muslin cloths are a basic but essential item any new mum will need when the baby arrives. They are a lifesaver in those early months, perfect for clearing anything from drool to little sick-ups. They are also great for feeding time or changing time and are gentle to baby's skin, keeping them clean without any discomfort. Easy to wash and reuse, muslin cloths are a must-have item.

These burpers are made using 3 layers of absorbent muslin and 100% cotton, and are a fantastic useful yet affordable gift for the baby on the way.

Available from: Boots

2. Handmade Baby Vest Shaped Tea Bags, £12.50

– Best quirky gift

handmade baby vest tea bags

Every new mum or mum-to-be deserves the chance to put their feet up with a nice cuppa. These quirky and cute baby vest tea bags are a great way to bring some humour and lightheartedness to the last stages of pregnancy or those early mornings with a newborn. Available in a pack of 5, these are sure to be a gift that will be remembered.

Available from: Not On The High Street

3. Twin Baby Milestone Cards, £6.49

– Best for twins

twins milestone cards

If twins are on the way, these milestone cards are a lovely inclusive way to highlight memorable moments as the 2 babies grow. The cards have phrases on them such as, 'Today we are 2 weeks old' in beautiful fonts and with sweet illustrations. For an extra special touch, you can add a gift wrapping, storage bag, journal or greeting card for an additional cost.

Available from: Etsy

Baby shower gifts £15-£60

5. Mum Bub Hub Postpartum Essentials Bundle, £45

– Best gift for mums

mum bub hub postpartum gift set

Treat a mum-to-be with this luxury set, created specifically for postpartum care. The set features a cleansing bottle, bath soak, perineal spray and perineal balm – an essential combo for recovery and healing after giving birth vaginally. The products help work to soothe and relieve pain around the perineal area, and the handy bag make sit easy for mums-to-be to pack this into their hospital bag and use it after the baby is born. It's a luxurious, yet functional gift that can also serve as a self-care kit for the new mum.

Available from: Mum Bub Hub

6. Etta Loves Hanging Squares, £22

– Best for baby sensory development

etta loves hanging squares

Suitable for: 0-5 months + | Award: Silver – Baby shower gift/newborn keepsake, MadeForMums Awards 2023

These Etta Loves sensory squares are not only beautiful to look at, they are also designed with science in mind. The reversible squares have patterns, a little rattle and crinkle texture features that help to support babies' cognitive and visual development.

"Just the perfect little toy for a new baby to stimulate their senses. Beautifully designed, lovely to the touch, easy to clean and the mirror is a decent size for the baby to see themselves in," shared parent tester Michelle, who tested this with their 13-week-old.

Suitable from birth up to 5 months (and beyond), you can hang these sensory squares from the baby's play gym, on their car seat or even on their pushchair, giving them plenty of opportunity to play and engage with their surroundings from birth.

Available from: Etta Loves, John Lewis and Natural Baby Shower

7. Nuby Animal Adventures Baby Toy Gift Set, £16.99

– Best toy gift set

nuby animal toy gift set

Suitable for: 0-5 months + | Award: Silver – Baby shower gift/newborn keepsake, MadeForMums Awards 2023

This adorable toy gift set by Nuby comprises of 2 plush toys; 1 is a rattle in the shape of a koala and the other is a wooden ring with a parrot on it, serving as a teething toy later down the line. There's also a soft comforter that the baby can snuggle at home or out and about. You don't have to worry about gift wrapping this as it already comes with the reusable, keepsake gift box.

As well as being super-soft, the toys are suitable for sensory play as the koala makes a noise when squeezed. A sure way to encourage some reactions from the growing baby.

"My little one is too young to squeak the koala herself, but she is able to use everything else to its full potential at just 6 months old. She loves to snuggle the koala squeaker," shared parent tester Emily, who tested this with their 6-month-old.

Available from: Amazon, Smyths Toys and Nuby

9. Neutrum Bear Winter Warmer Set, £29.99

– Best for a winter baby

neutrum bear winter warmer gift set

Suitable for: 0-5 months + | Award: Silver – Baby shower gift/newborn keepsake, MadeForMums Awards 2023

This Neutrum Bear set makes such a cute baby shower gift. This winter warmer set is particularly suited for a winter baby, but there is a wider selection of customisable gift sets aimed at different budgets and other seasons on the website.

We like that you can customise the gift set by choosing from 3 animal designs for the rattle and a choice of 5 hat colour options: coffee, dusty pink, elephant grey, sage green or steel blue. The gift is packaged in a box ready to be handed over to your recipient.

"I love this gift set. The hat and mittens are lovely and so well made. I think this would make a really nice gift for a mum who had a baby due September-February, based on the wintery items it contains," shared parent tester Alysia, who tested this with their 4-month-old.

Available from: Neutrum Bear

10. Baby Blooms Georgie Giraffe Nappy Cake, £55

– Best for parents who have everything

baby blossom giraffe nappy cake

Suitable for: From birth

Yes, nappy cakes are a real thing! Instead of sugar and icing, this 'cake' contains 20 bio-degradable Beaming Baby nappies, a soft cotton muslin square, 3 pairs of 'stay on' cotton baby socks (rolled to look like cake pops) and a Georgie Giraffe keepsake comforter toy, which is suitable from birth.

The gift set is a guaranteed talking point and an excellent all-rounder. It's perfect for experienced parents-to-be who already have everything they need for the new baby's arrival.

The set comes in neutral (pictured above), pink or blue.

Available from: BabyBlooms

Baby shower gifts over £60

11. Cook New Parents 7 Nights of Meals, £76.90

– Best for saving time

Cook New Parents 7 Nights of Meals

Those first weeks with a newborn are busy, so give parents the gift of time with some delicious and high-quality ready meals. Any new parent would welcome the opportunity to have a week off trying to plan and cook healthy meals, which is why this gift is such a crowd pleaser.

This box contains 7 nights of meals – that's 14 portions in total, meaning the new mum and her partner won't have to worry about dinner for a whole week. The nutritious meals range from chicken, ham and leek pie, to veggie lasagne, lamb tagine, mushroom risotto and more.

Available from: Cook

12. MAM Easy Start Bottle & Microwave Steriliser Set, £78

– Best for bottle feeding

mam bottle and steriliser set

Award: Bronze – Steriliser, MadeForMums Awards 2023

The MAM Microwave Easy Start Bottle and Microwave Steriliser Set is a great gift for parents who want to bottle-feed their baby. The set includes the steriliser and 3 Easy Start Anti Colic bottles (160ml and 260ml). The steriliser is easy to use, just add 200ml of water to the base, put up to 6 bottles in and microwave for 5 minutes.

The process kills 99.9% of germs and bottles will stay clean in the steriliser for up to 48 hours. The set is a decent size, compact enough to fit into a standard microwave. For on-the-go moments, you can also use the steriliser with cold water too.

"It’s a super easy sterilising unit that slots together like a puzzle and stores away easily. With the 2 different sized bottles it makes it cost-effective for every family and the products are sterilised in a matter of minutes," shared parent tester Melanie, who tested this with their 3-month-old.

Available from: Mamas & Papas, Boots and Amazon

13. Bumbles & Boo Baby Shower Hamper, £79.95

– Best luxury gift for mums

Bumbles & Boo Baby Hampers and New Baby Gifts

Suitable for: 0-6 months | Award: Gold – Baby shower gift/newborn keepsake, MadeForMums Awards 2023

Expectant mums will be delighted to receive this gift hamper with lots of exciting things for her and her baby. No matter the budget, you can find and customise a hamper for your recipient that they'll love and is suited to their taste.

All the gifts featured in the hampers come from trusted brands such as Neal's Yard and everything is beautifully packaged in layers of ribbon, tissue paper and fabric roses, plus a notecard.

"The hamper arrived beautifully, very easy to unpack and I enjoyed rifling through to see what treasures were inside! The bib, hat, baby blanket and hedgehog toy feel well made and I can't wait to try them once baby arrives!" shared pregnant parent tester Mary.

Available from: Bumbles & Boo

14. Fraupow Wearable Pump, £89.99

– Best for breastfeeding mums

fraupow breast pump

Award: Bronze – Wearable electric/battery breast pump, MadeForMums Awards 2023

If mum-to-be has made it clear that they will be breastfeeding their baby, then a hands-free wearable breast pump would be a lovely surprise. This compact pump has 12 levels of suction (some of which are hospital-grade) and 4 expression modes activated by the LED touchscreen.

This pump goes above and beyond many other electric pumps on the market. When fully charged, it has about 100 minutes of pumping time, and the pump comes with 3 free midwife support sessions – a thoughtful touch, especially when mum is getting the hang of breastfeeding and latching in the early days of the baby's arrival.

"I found it really easy to fit and, used with my nursing bra, I hardly noticed the pump. I also really liked how light it felt. It’s worth mentioning that Fraupow offers great customer service, including from trained midwives. I had a question and it was answered within a few hours via email," shared parent tester Sandy, who tested this with their 2-month-old.

Available from: Boots, John Lewis and Fraupow

15. Memory Makers Gift Box: 3D Framed Casts, From £180

– Best keepsake gift

everlasting castings baby hands and feet

These stunning baby hands and feet casts are the ultimate keepsake, presented in a choice of 6 wooden frames. They're made by Everlasting Casting professionals and you simply submit your request on the website, then book your appointment with a local caster. At the appointment, you can decide on the frame style, paint colour and mount combination. For an extra cost, there's the option to have an engraved name plate on the frame too.

Don't worry if someone else has had the same gift idea: the parents-to-be can always make casts at different ages or stages of their baby's development – although this will affect the price. It's a truly thoughtful gift that will be treasured forever.

Available from: Everlasting Castings

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