1. Joie Aire Lite, £99.99

If you're a city dweller with a baby, you know the struggles of having to use a pushchair on a crowded bus or the obstacles navigating buggies in busy shopping centres.


You need something that allows you to go from a to b quickly and easily, but keeps your baby comfy, especially if you just want to go to down the narrow aisles of your local corner shop. And that's exactly what these buggies can offer you.

Case-in-point, the Joie Aire Lite may be very reasonably priced, but in our tests, the Joie Aire Lite hit all the right buttons. At just 4.89kg it really does live up to its name.

And our reviewer said the Joie Aire Lite “glides and twists and turns beautifully and is perfect for manoeuvring around the shops”.

It folds down to 47.8 x 31 x 100.6cm and has features including one-hand recline into multiple positions, adjustable leg rest and lockable front swivel wheels.

We've got the complete review of the Joie Aire Lite here. Available from: Argos and JD Williams.


2. Babystyle Oyster Switch, £169

This scissor-fold stroller has a couple of unique features for a buggy of this style – it can be used with the seat facing forwards or backwards, and is travel system compatible.

Its lightweight aluminium chassis means it weighs in at 7.1kg, and it folds down to 103 x 28 x 23cm.

According to our MFM reviewer, the Babystyle Oyster Switch is “perfect” for city use. She said the buggy is “perfect for manoeuvring in the tight spaces of public transit”, while the compact frame and swivel front wheels mean you can turn on a dime.

She even tackled central London at rush hour – no problem. Read the full review of the Babystyle Oyster Switch here. Available from: Toys R Us, Kiddicare, and Amazon.


3. Quinny Yezz, £175

With a hammock-style seat and wheels that look more like those of a child’s zippy scooter than a traditional buggy, the Quinny Yezz certainly stands out in the design stakes.

What it lacks in features (there’s no seat recline or underseat shopping basket), it makes up for in its diminutive size and weight. At 5.6kg, the three-wheeler Quinny Yezz is super easy to collapse and carry using the shoulder strap, and folds down to 23.5 x 68.5 x 27cm.

Our mum reviewer said the special wheels made the Yezz “extremely easy to manoeuvre”, and she loved the easy-to-adjust harness.

Perfect for the nursery run or jumping on and off public transport, and it even has a lifetime guarantee.

Available from: Quinny, Kiddicare, and Direct 2 Mum.


4. GB Pockit Plus, around £179

The next-gen version of GB’s first super-compact stroller, the GB Pockit Plus has all the winning features of the original, but a few tweaks make it more practical.

It weighs just 4.3kg, but now has a reclining seat and is travel system compatible by using adaptors to attach either a GB or Cybex infant car seat.

With lockable front wheels, and a compact fold that takes it down to just 30 x 18 x 35cm and fits in train and plane overhead lockers, the Pockit Plus can simply be folded up when space is short. No more waiting at a bus stop because the buggy section is full!

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5. Recaro EasyLife, £189

Not only is the Recaro Easylife lightweight at 5.7kg, but it has an easy one-hand fold that takes it down to a compact 49 x 58 x 26cm.

One of the benefits of the Easylife is that despite being small and light, it still has features like four recline positions, which are useful if your little one won’t drop off sitting upright. Plus it’s got eight wheels, for extra smooth pushing, and suspension for tackling rougher surfaces.

It’s got a spacious seat and our reviewer felt the pushchair struck the right balance between style and value for money.

Read the full review of the Recaro Easylife buggy here.

Available from: Boots and Kiddies Kingdom.


6. GB Qbit, £220

The GB Qbit is the more substantial compact pushchair from the brand that brought us the teeny Pockit stroller.

It’s still light at 7.2kg, but features a more protective design with its canopy, bumper bar and adjustable footrest, while its one-handed fold gives it the compact size of 38cm x 48cm x 52cm.

The GB Qbit can also be used as a travel system and is compatible with GB’s own car seats, as well as Cybex models, when using the optional adaptors.

For using from newborn, upgrade to the GB Qbit Plus (£250), which has a lie-flat recline and cushioned head rest.

You can buy the GB Qbit stroller from Kiddicare.


7. Mountain Buggy Nano, £249

While Mountain Buggy may be better known for its all-terrain pushchairs, the firm has branched into the urban market with the Nano – a compact fold, lightweight city stroller.

At 56 x 31 x 51cm when folded, it fits into a neat travel bag, and weighs 6kg, but still has the sturdiness and spacious underseat storage of a bulkier pushchair when unfolded – perfect for shopping.

Our reviewer thought the Nano’s neat fold was “ingenious”, and said it decreased her stress levels when taking the train.

Read what else she thought of the Mountain Buggy Nano

Available from: John Lewis, Kiddicare


8. Baby Jogger City Tour, £249.99

The first lightweight stroller from all-terrain specialists Baby Jogger, the City Tour has all the things you know and have come to expect from a Baby Jogger pushchair, like the one-hand fold, extended UV50+ canopy, and great suspension.

But, the big plus is that it also only weighs 6.4kg, and folds down to 45.7cm x 25.4cm x 55.8cm.

Like many light buggies of today it also comes in a handy back-pack style bag, making it easier to carry when it's folded. It is worth noting that it's not travel system compatible, however.

Read more about the Baby Jogger City Tour and watch how to fold it here. You can buy the Baby Jogger City Tour from Kiddies Kingdom.


9. Babyzen Yoyo 0+, £339

It’s impossible to miss these nippy little pushchairs whizzing around city streets and onto buses and trains, as the Babyzen Yoyo’s miniscule proportions make it a real head-turner.

Despite being tiny (it was the first buggy to fit in an aeroplane overhead locker and measures just 52 x 44 x 18cm folded), the Yoyo 0+ can be used from birth with the newborn kit (£146) that makes it rear-facing with a pop-up canopy, foot cover and head support.

Our reviewer said the Yoyo travelled “like a dream” on pavements and was easily steered with one hand, while not being the slightest bit fazed by cobbles or grass.

Read the full review of the Babyzen Yoyo 0+ here. Available from: Harrods, and John Lewis.


10. Mountain Buggy Mini travel system, £349

The benefit of the three-wheeler Mountain Buggy Mini is that it comes as a complete travel system, with car seat included.

It is still lightweight at 7.6kg but has features like full seat recline, adjustable handlebar and a specially designed weight distribution so it’s easy to pop up the front wheel over kerbs.

Mountain Buggy has shrunk the dimensions of the latest Mini model, so it now measures 72 x 58 x 25.5cm when collapsed. Unfolded, it measures 58cm wide by 82.5cm long – well within the size limit on a London bus of 70x120cm.

Our reviewer could easily fit it in the lift at her block of flats, and found it easy to carry up and down stairs.

Read the full review of the Mountain Buggy Mini here.

Available from: Mountain Buggy, and Direct 2 Mum.


11. iCandy Raspberry, £460

With its cute looks, compact fold, and lightweight design, the tiniest member of the iCandy family has all the pedigree of its buggy siblings.

The seat can face forwards and backwards, it’s ultra manoeuvrable, and it has features like a memory foam seat for extra comfort, and a hidden storage box.

Weighing 6.6kg, the iCandy Raspberry can fold to 37 x 54 x 86cm, making it ideal for small spaces.

Our MFM reviewer said what she “loved most was how easy it is to manoeuvre around the obstacles of city or town life”.

Read just what else stood out about the iCandy Raspberry in the full review. Buy the iCandy Raspberry from John Lewis.


12. Bugaboo Bee 3, £539

Although the folding mechanism isn’t one-handed on the updated Bugaboo Bee 3, the system does fold down in one movement and our reviewer found this one of the easiest buggies to fold, once you get the knack.

When folded, the Bugaboo Bee 3 measures 89cm x 46 cm x 30cm and can be stored on its side, or flat when folded - easily fitting in the boot of all but the very smallest cars. Plus its manoeuvrability makes it a dream on public transport, according to our reviewer.

Read the full Bugaboo Bee 3 review here. You can buy the Bugaboo Bee 3 from John Lewis or on the Bugaboo website.


13. Red Kite Push Me Twini, £200

This has got to be one of the lightest double pushchairs out there at 10kg and, despite the very reasonable price tag, the package includes features like independent reclining seats, bumper bars, a rain cover and two footmuffs.

It’s 76cm wide when upright and, when folded, this buggy measures 42 x74 x 80cm. Oh – and it’s suitable from birth.

Available from: Amazon and Tesco.


14. Baby Jogger City Mini Double, £399.99

Our reviewer loved the fact that this double pushchair was still relatively lightweight at 11.8kg, and she could carry it up the stairs to her first floor flat.

Although it is a side-by-side buggy, so wider at 76.5cm than using a tandem with one child in front of the other, Transport For London does state its drivers will open the central doors on a bus to let double buggies on. And the benefit of a side-by-side is greater interaction between your little ones – assuming they are getting on!

When folded, it measures 79 x 29 x 76cm, and our reviewer liked that it folded quite flat so could be stored in a hallway.

Read the full review of the Baby Jogger City Mini Double here. Available from: Amazon, Kiddicare, and John Lewis.


15. Mountain Buggy Duet, £549

At just 63cm, this double buggy boasts the same footprint as many single pushchairs, and is easy to push and manoeuvre to boot.

While it’s not the lightest double out there, at 15.5kg, and hasn’t got the most compact fold (measuring 96 x 63 x 30cm folded), the fact it’s so slim means it’s ideal for public transport and getting around shops.

Our MFM reviewer – a mum of four who has tried numerous double buggies – said the Mountain Buggy Duet is “the best of the bunch by far”.

Read what else she had to say about this pushchair in the full Mountain Buggy Duet review.

Available from: John Lewis and Amazon.

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