When a child reaches 135cm tall or 36kg in weight they no longer legally need a child car seat.


On average, children reach this legal limit when they are roughly around 12 years old, but many parents (particularly those with tall children) will know that sometimes kids do not grow according to the estimated average.

In fact, if you have a particularly tall child, they can reach the legal car seat limit at just 7 years old. And although your child will be over the recommended age, as a parent of a tall child, you may still want them to sit in a car seat.

In these instances you can get a taller car seat. There are a few car seats on the market that go up to 160cm, which give your child an extra 25cm of headspace, and quite a few more months using a safety car seat. If you have a particularly tall, slim, but young child one of these seats could be an excellent investment and will last them whilst their bones grow stronger as they age.

These seats are for tall children, if you’re looking for car seats for tall infants or babies, check these out. If you’ve got a heavier than average child and you still want them to wear a 5-point harness, check these seats out.

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Before we list the best high-backed booster seats for tall children, it’s worth mentioning that there has been a recent change to the law on backless boosters (booster cushions).

In order to sit on a backless booster or cushion, children must now be:

  • Taller than 125cm tall (4ft1)
  • Weigh more than 22kg (3 stone 6.5 pounds)

You can find all the information on booster seats and backless cushions in our safety article here.

We've picked the best car seats for really tall children

1. Diono Monterey 2 (Group 2/3), £130

Age suitability: 4 years – 160cm

Car seat makers Diono have a great reputation for making safe and long-lasting car seats. The Monterey 2 is no exception, suitable from 4 years to 160cm (the of an average 17-year-old) the headrest is adjustable to 11 different positions – changing by up to 16.5cm in height and the width of the seat can also be expanded by up to 50cm.

Fitted with ISOFIX connector or the car 3-point seat belt, the Monterey folds down for easy storage and comes with two nifty cup holders. When tested, our MFM mum reviewer gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 and said: “a fantastically safe and practical car booster seat. It feels sturdy, is comfortable, has excellent side impact protection and expands as your child grows, giving a snug, safe fit from pre-school to secondary school.”

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2. Graco Milestone, (Group 0+/1/2/3), £219.99

Age suitability: Birth – 145cm

A multi-stage combination car seat, the Graco Milestone is a car seats that will grow with your child from birth to at least 12-years-old.

Rear-facing until your child is 13kg, around 12 to 15 months, the Milestone also has a one-step headrest and harness adjustment and can be installed using the car seat belt.

When tested by our MFM reviewer had this to say: “I just loved the one-step headrest and harness adjustment, plus the easy installation. It looks safe, is comfortable and I won’t have to buy a new car seat every three to four years. What more could a busy mum want?”

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3. Kiddy Guardianfix Pro 2, (Group 1/2/3) £170

Age suitability: 9 months – 150cm

From the sporty-looking car seat makers Kiddy, the Guardianfix features an impact shield instead of a 5-point harness and can be used up to 150cm.

The seat comes equipped with side impact protection, shock absorber, breathable materials, snooze position, three-stage leg extension and an integrated diagonal seat belt guide.

When tested our MFM reviewer said: “As soon as I put my daughter in the seat, she relaxed. The seat almost hugged her, putting my mind at ease. I was slightly concerned she might find the headrest a little claustrophobic, but she didn’t seem to mind at all, and it certainly looks like it would protect her in the event of a collision.”

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4. Recaro Monza Nova Evo car seat, (Group 2/3) £99

Age suitability: 4 years – 150cm

The updated version of the Recaro Monza Nova 2 Seatfix, the Monza Nova Evo now only uses ISOFIX to be fitted in your vehicle, and scored full marks for ease of installation.

What's different about this version is that it now has an even more Advanced Side Protection system and Anti-static side pads that reduce crash-generated forces to the head and shoulders by 30% and the neck by 20%.

A practical carry handle built into the top of the seat makes it easy to transport between cars, and the high-quality, deeply padded covers are machine washable at 30°C for convenience.

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5. Maxi-Cosi RodiFix AirProtect, (Group 2/3) £130

Age suitability: 4 years – 150cm

Installed with ISOFIX and featuring side impact protection for the head, neck, lower back and hips, the comfy but sturdy Maxi Cosi RodiFix AirProtect can be used up to 150cm.

Featuring a fully adjustable head and backrest, the seat has multiple recline levels and comfy padded seat with removable and washable seat cover.

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6. Graco Junior Maxi, (Group 2/3) £40

Age suitability: 4 years – 150cm

A high-backed booster that can be converted into a booster cushion when your child is taller than 125cm. The Graco Junior Maxi, is suitable from 4 years of age and come with side impact protection, and an adjustable headrest.

For older kids it also comes with armrests and two hideaway cup holders.


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