Best book series for children

Discover brave new worlds and creatures, engaging characters and exciting broad new topics with these brilliant book series, all of which are designed to engage, inform and capture children's imaginations


1. The Bolds series by Julian Clary, Andersen Press, £6.99 per paperback, MFM Gold Award Winner

This hilarious collection of stories from Julian Clary is fun for all the family, and won our award for best children’s book series thanks to its witty words and relatable characters.


Chock full of humour, readers follow the adventures of a family of hyenas living as humans in Teddington. There’s a heart-warming message to match the funnies though, teaching kids the importance of celebrating your differences.

The series features brilliant illustrations from the award-winning David Roberts.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about The Bolds:

“I love reading and having my children read to me, and ‘The Bolds’ series was very funny and original. The print was slightly larger and with good line spacing, so my seven-year-old could read it by herself too. The animations included were a big bonus! They kept interest high and were very funny to go with the witty dialogue.” Mum of 2, Stacey

“My kids, aged 8 and 10, absolutely loved these hilarious books. They couldn’t get enough of them and kept sharing the excerpts from chapters with each other. Hilarious characters, funny jokes and tricky situations made these books a great hit with my children. I would definitely recommend the writer and these books to 8 to 11-year olds.” Mum of 2, Vinnie

You can buy The Bolds from: Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmith


2. Safari Series Children’s books, Tall Grass Productions, £14.95, MFM Silver Award Winner

Our silver award comes in the form of Tall Grass Productions’ Safari Series. These colourful sets of three books come in their own gift cases, and are aimed at children aged 2-9 years old – making them a great option for siblings to enjoy together.

The books have bright illustrations of Africa’s best loved animals on each page, and funny rhymes to share thoughtful life lessons with young readers. Thirsty minds will love the facts woven throughout, teaching them all about the featured animals.

The Okavango Set, the second set in the series, explores the important issues of sharing rather than boasting, thinking before you speak, and accepting rather than judging others.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Safari Series Children’s books

“Beautiful picture books! My three-year-old daughter loves them.” Mum of 3, Chiara

“Esteem building, moral guiding and engaging tales wrapped up in lovely drawn books.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

You can buy the Safari Series Children’s books from: MPress and Amazon  


3. Little Peep Through Books by Sam Taplin, Usborne, £5.99, MFM Bronze Award Winner

Fans of the touchy-feely That’s Not My… series will love this new collection from Usborne, which wins our bronze award this year.

The beautiful hide-and-seek board books will delight babies and toddlers, with peep-through holes and textured pages to encourage little fingers to play with the book as they listen and look out for the animals.

Large die-cut holes create witty transformations, as what appears to be an elephant turns out to be all kinds of other things, and gorgeous illustrations will keep little ones engaged.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Little Peep Through Books:

“The set of these books was really colourful and may appeal to a 0-2-year-old. Young readers will like the mysteries it brings with each page, which may appeal to their inquisitiveness. The books are made of good thick quality material and feel sturdy.” Mum of 2, Vinni

“These books are just adorable! Fabulous illustrations, creative cut outs and a sweet tale to boot.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

“Colourful, well made and enjoyable to touch and read.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

You can buy the Little Peep Through Books from: Usborne, Amazon and WHSmith


4. Little People, BIG DREAMS, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books £9.99

This beautiful series was named joint gold award winner last year, praised for its positive messages and excellent quality.

These detailed, illustrated biographies focus on the childhoods of great and famous females, making their lives and achievements accessible to children.

A unique and gorgeous way to teach your child about history and important people in a fun and child-friendly way. The take home message from the book is very much that by working hard and dreaming big you can achieve anything. 

You can buy the Little People, BIG DREAMS series from: Waterstones, Amazon and Wordery


5. Welcome to the Museum Series, Big Picture Press, £8.99-£20

Inspire your children’s minds with this fabulous, informative and beautifully illustrated book series. Curated to cover a raft of topics including animals, history and plants. 

Part subject, part over-sized album, part encyclopaedia, each glorious book will showcase the diversity and variety of the animal world, ancient history or the plant kingdom with numerous examples from around the world. Illustrated with incredible detail, these books are as much art as they are reference and a delight to explore. 

With illustration from designers Katie Scott and Richard Wilkinson, a collaboration with the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and their Director of Science. These books are a wonderful introduction to natural and ancient history subjects for curious young minds.

You can buy the Welcome to the Museum Series from: Amazon, World Of Books and Book Depository


6. DK Findout! Series, DK, £5.99 each

Discover, uncover, learn and get excited by the new DK Find Out series. This innovative range of books offers children an intriguing and simply unique way to start to learn about all sorts of interesting and educational subjects, many of which they cover at primary school including: Ancient Rome, Solar System, Animals, Dinosaurs, Science, Volcanoes, Sharks, Pirates and more.

Aimed at children aged from 6-9 years the books are easy to follow and full of brilliant images and fact boxes. 

You can buy the DK Findout! Series from: Book Depository, Wordery and Amazon


7. Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure, by A. L. Kennedy, Walker, £8.99

This is the first book in a heart-warming new series for readers aged seven years and upwards. Costa Award-winning author A. L. Kennedy tells the tale of Badger Bill, who is in dire need of rescuing when he is kidnapped by two nasty sisters. The four most depressed llamas in the history of llamas need rescuing too. Luckily, super-rescuer Uncle Shawn is on hand with a plan in this hilarious adventure.

You can buy Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure from: Book Depository, Foyles and Amazon


8. The Amelia Fang Series, Laura Ellen Anderson, £6.99

This first book in the refreshing new series, Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball, won our silver award for best reads for 5-8-year-olds, wowing readers with its gorgeously gothic illustrations and daring heroine.

Author-illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson – known for her Witch Wars illustrations – has also published a second in the series, Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords.

You can buy Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball from: Waterstones, WHSmith and Amazon  

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