Old toothbrushes are great for reaching those hard to scrub areas like tile grouting and faucets but they require a remarkable amount of elbow grease to get things looking sparking. Enter the electric cleaning brush. Electric cleaning brushes like the SonicScrubber went viral on TikTok for a reason: they save time and energy when cleaning without having to break the bank.


Now, the market has been flooded with all kinds of electric cleaning brushes ranging from heavy duty models for floors and showers to smaller, cheaper versions that are closer to the crevice brushes you may be used to.

Best electric cleaning brushes at a glance:

  • Best for multipurpose use: SonicScrubber Cleaning Tool with 4 brushes, £18.99
  • Best for big cleaning jobs: AirCraft PowerScrub Rechargeable Cordless Cleaning Kit, £119.99
  • Best for covering a wide surface: Synoshi Electric Cleaning Brush, £46.99
  • Best budget buy: Beldray Deep Clean Power Clean Scrubber Brush, £12.99
  • Best for tough cleaning jobs: Bosch UniversalBrush Cordless Cleaning brush, £51
  • Best for reaching tough spots: JML Hurricane Spin Scrubber, £39.99
  • Best for cleaning trainers: Philips Sneaker Cleaner, £29.99

You might be wondering if they're worth the investment. After all, those old toothbrushes have served you well, right? The problem is, old toothbrushes aren’t designed for deep cleaning, meaning that the bristles – already worn after heavy use as a toothbrush – will wear down quickly. Add in a strong cleaning product like The Pink Stuff or Cif, and a smaller brush will wear down very quickly.

The specialised design and electric rotation on these brushes mean less harsh scrubbing, which helps the bristles last longer. As with any viral product, the electric cleaning brush market has been flooded with a range of products that vary in quality which is why we’ve picked out 7 of the best to suit a range of cleaning needs.

Here are the best electric cleaning brushes

1. SonicScrubber Cleaning Tool with 4 brushes, £18.99

– Best for multipurpose use

SonicScrubber electric cleaning brush

Brush Heads Included: 4 | Rechargeable: No | Battery Life: N/A | RPM 10,000

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The original TikTok hit, the SonicScrubber is a reasonably priced and solid all round cleaning brush. It comes with 4 different attachments each designed for cleaning different surfaces, including a cone-shaped brush for tighter corners and a soft brush for more delicate surfaces.

The brush heads themselves are also dishwasher safe so you can keep them clean and help them last longer. The SonicScrubber has a non-slip handle and oscillates 10,000 times per minute to make scrubbing a thing of the past.

One of the only drawbacks with the SonicScrubber is that it isn’t recommended for use on wood, vehicle paint work or stainless steel surfaces. That being said, given the low cost and impressive cleaning versatility, the SonicScrubber is a must have in your cleaning cupboard.

Available from: Lakeland and Amazon

2. AirCraft PowerScrub Rechargeable Cordless Cleaning Kit, £119.99

– Best for big cleaning jobs

AirCraft PowerScrub electric cleaning brush

Brush Heads Included: 5 | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery Life: 60 minutes | RPM: 250

Another issue you’ll find with reusing those old manual toothbrushes when cleaning - and while using the SonicScrubber above - is reach. You’ll find that those harder to reach corners or tiles just aren’t as clean as the ones you can clean more often. That’s where the AirCraft PowerScrub comes in.

This cordless option has an impressive 120cm of reach thanks to its extension pole and an adjustable head you can angle for a better clean. Like the SonicScrubber, the AirCraft includes a range of brush heads for different cleaning jobs including the standard flat, round and pointed brushes. It also comes with a microfibre pad attachment and a sponge head that’s great for cleaning the bathroom.

The larger size does mean a decreased rotation speed of up to 250 revolutions per minute but the head does adjust the speed automatically depending on the task at hand. It is also rechargeable with the battery taking an advertised 2.5 hours to fully charge, which gives you 60 minutes of cleaning time.

The AirCraft PowerScrub justifies the higher price tag by providing a versatile cleaning solution you can use around your house. If you’re looking for an electric cleaning brush that will cover almost every corner of your house then the AirCraft PowerScrub is a solid option.

Available from: Lakeland

3. Synoshi Electric Cleaning Brush, £46.99

– Best for covering a wide surface

Synoshi electric cleaning brush

Brush Heads Included: 1 | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery Life: 45 | RPM: Unknown

The sleek-looking Synoshi Electric Cleaning brush is a great reasonably priced cordless option. Unlike other options on this list, Synoshi advertise that their cleaning brush can be used on stainless steel surfaces and carpets, as well as those we've previously mentioned.

The rechargeable battery lasts for an advertised 45 minutes and it is waterproof to allow for use in cleaning bathrooms - though Synoshi does state that it shouldn’t be submerged in water. Speaking of water, Synoshi also claim that their brush makes short work of tough cleaning jobs using only water, negating the need for unnecessary cleaning products around the home.

However, unlike other electric cleaning brush options, the Synoshi only comes with one brush head attachment in the box. Though Synoshi does advertise that the included brush head will clean a range of surfaces including sinks, hobs and bathtubs, the size of the brush may make reaching tighter corners more difficult.

That being said, the reasonable price, refined design and powerful motor make it a great option for those looking to pick up an all-in-one cleaning brush.

Available from: Synoshi

4. Beldray Deep Clean Power Clean Scrubber Brush, £12.99

– Best budget buy

Beldray electric scrubber brush

Brush Heads Included: 4 | Rechargeable: No | Battery Life: N/A | RPM: Unknown

The BELDRAY Deep Clean is very similar to the SonicScrubber in a lot of ways. Both come with 4 interchangeable heads that cover a range of surfaces. Both have non-slip grips and both are roughly the same size and shape.

The difference between both options is ultimately price and preference. Beldray is a reliable brand that produces low cost appliances - like the tower fan we featured in our best tower fans list - that do one thing well. Though, that lower cost does often mean lower quality.

On the other hand, the SonicScrubber is a viral product that has been widely adopted as part of household cleaning toolkits around the world. Ultimately, which you buy will come down to the cost and retailer availability.

Available from: Currys and Amazon

5. Bosch UniversalBrush Cordless Cleaning brush, £51

– Best for tough cleaning jobs

Bosch electric cleaning brush

Brush Heads Included: 4 | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery Life: 45 minutes | RPM: 215

Bosch has applied its knowhow gathered from years of making drills and electric screwdrivers and applied it to creating an electric cleaning brush designed to make cleaning your home easier.

Those familiar with other Bosch products will immediately recognise the design and the specs are exactly what you’d expect from such a well known brand. With a rotation speed of 215 revolutions per minute and a battery that lasts an advertised 45 minutes, the Bosch is comparable to both the Synoshi and AirCraft brushes.

Where the Bosch stands out is the range of brush heads included in the box. Alongside the typical bristle brush, the Bosch also comes with a detail brush that is uniquely designed to remove dirt in tighter spots around your home. It also comes with both a non-scratch microfibre pad and a heavy duty pad to make sure all your cleaning needs are covered.

At £51, the Bosch is on the more expensive end of the market, especially when compared to the viral SonicScrubber, but the reliable brand and diverse range of brush heads definitely make it worth considering.

Available from: B&Q

6. JML Hurricane Spin Scrubber, £39.99

– Best for reaching tough spots

hurricane spin scrubber electric cleaning brush

Brush Heads Included: 3 | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery Life: 60 Minutes | RPM: 300

If you’re looking for something closer to the AirCraft PowerScrub at a fraction of the price then the Hurricane Spin Scrubber from long-running ‘as seen on TV’ brand JML might be the best option for you.

Like the AirCraft PowerScrub, the JML Hurricane has an impressive 4 feet of range thanks to the telescoping handle that allows you to reach all corners of your home. It also includes 1 flat brush, 1 corner brush and 1 domed brush to cover a range of cleaning jobs.

The motor is also impressive on the JML Hurricane allowing the head to reach 300 revolutions per minute, a step up from the AirCraft model. The AirCraft model is a more polished product overall with a charging base that features inbuilt storage for the brush head attachments and separate detachable extension pole, but the both products are remarkably similar considering the price difference.

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber isn’t as polished in its design and the long term durability of the extension mechanism is questionable but the JML Hurricane is a great option for those looking for something powerful that won’t break the bank.

Available from: Amazon and Robert Dyas

7. Philips Sneaker Cleaner, £29.99

– Best for cleaning shoes and trainers

Philips sneaker cleaner

Brush Heads Included: 3 | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery Life: Unknown | RPM: 500

A house full of children also means a house full of dirty, tough to clean trainers. That’s where the Philips Sneaker Cleaner comes in handy. Unlike the rest of the brushes on our list, this is, as its name suggests, designed for one cleaning job.

Sometimes an all-purpose tool just doesn’t cut it and you need something specific for the job. The Philips Sneaker Cleaner is designed to clean trainers in as few as 3 steps using only water and soap thanks to its brush head that spins at 500 rotations per minute.

It includes 3 different brush heads including sponge, soft and hard to ensure you’re getting the best clean for your trainers. At an affordable price, the Philips Sneaker Cleaner is a neat tool to add to your cleaning cupboard to help keep your child’s trainers clean and lasting longer.

Available from: Philips

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