When you're trying to conceive, you may wish to use a fertility app to help you keep track of your most fertile days (when you're ovulating), and your periods (so you can tell when you're late).


There are loads of different fertility trackers out there and a lot of them, quite honestly, do very similar things: calendars and graphs to keep track of your cycle and ovulation, small communities and other health info.

Fortunately, we know our mums and mums-to-be have tried basically all of them. That's why they've shared the very best - and why they rate them so highly - below.

Here are the best mum-approved fertility apps, for iOS and Android...

1. Clue


What it does: Clue is a period tracker, which helps you to follow your cycle. It doesn't just tell you when you're due on, but keeps track of everything that comes part and parcel of your menstrual cycle: mood swings, cravings, cramps, and other physical symptoms.

What it costs: Nothing! Clue’s free to use.

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What our mums said: Simple enough, Char A on Instagram told us: “It really worked!!”

“I used Clue, it was more so I knew when I was due AF as it was always pretty spot on with that. As Fly said, with ovulation it's more of just a guesstimate,” adds Laurapops on our forum.

She admits she find tracking too much – or using more than one app stressful. So, logging just her periods worked for her.

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2. Flo


What it does: Flo offers period and ovulation trackers, via a variety of calendars, charts and graphs. It'll also provide daily 'health insights' via quizzes, surveys and articles, and even send you reminders to take your tablets.

Flo's also designed to stay with you beyond trying to conceive, so you can stick with the same app for documenting your pregnancy, and your baby's development, when the time comes. There's a community where you can ask other Flo users questions, too.

What it costs: Flo is totally free.

What our mums said: "I use Flo, it is great as it can be used for tracking, TTC and then pregnancy. I had to switch from my old app last year and I downloaded Flo, Ovia, Clue and other.

"Clue went away as it is not for pregnancy, and I don’t remember what was my issue with Ovia ? but I just downloaded many and then deleted the ones I did not like :)" says Evernesson our forum.

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3. Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker


What it does: Another tracker, designed to predict when you're ovulating, based on your unique cycle. It provides calendars and tools to track periods, symptoms, moods, thoughts and more.

It has a 'health assessment' option, articles and a community to ask Ovia-related questions. Ovia also has a separate pregnancy app.

What it costs: Ovia costs nothing to download and use.

What our mums said: “It stored all the info I needed and seemed to be very accurate,” says sammykate84.

“Loved it as only use 2 months and fell pregnant,” adds zaragul786sw.

“I used the Ovia app and fell pregnant after using it for a month [laugh emoji] Found it really good!” says Meghan B on Instagram.

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4. Kindara


What it does: Tracking your periods, cervical fluids, temperature and even vaginal sensations means you can predict the days you're likely to ovulate. You can share your comments, charts and thoughts with other members, seeking advice and reassurance.

What it costs: Kindara’s completely free

What our mums said: This one's quite... in depth.

“I now temp as well as using the Kindara app," says MFMer Missmyangels. "When temp spikes you know the egg has released and ovulation is over and you can get back to normal enjoying each other without added pressures :)”

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5. Fertility Friend


What it does: Tracks your ovulation and menstrual cycle, creating charts, and offering you to record your BBT [body basal temperature] and other symptoms, too. It shows you your most fertile days on a handy calendar, too, making predictions about your fertility based on the data you've given about your unique cycle.

What it costs: Fertility Friend is free, but apparently has some in-app purchases.

What our mums said: Even our mums who tired of tracker apps in general still rated Fertility Friend.

"I've used FF to log my BBT and OPKs [ovulation predictor kits] but I've now given up as I found it stressful. I did think it was a good app - my personality tends to make me over analyse though. I do use period tracker now but only to keep track of when it's due or I'll forget (before ttc I had no idea when I was due!)" says betsy87

I have found the whole tracking thing far too stressful, so now I don't track and just use fertility friend to log when my period starts and on the days I have dtd and thats pretty much it - its not the kind of thing I want to write in my diary!! LOL," adds flybutterflyfly.

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6. Glow Ovulation & Period Tracker


What it does: Allows you to track your period, ovulation, mood, temperature, cervical mucus and when you've had sex, and stores all the data in handy charts and calendars so you know when you're most fertile.

There's a community element, and the option for your partner to join you and send each other supportive messages (doubt you're guaranteed he'll buy you a spa treatment, like the ad suggests ?)

What it costs: Free to download and use, but there's the option to subscribe to unlock more features.

These include the ability to compare what you're experiencing and find out 'if it's normal', premium articles and private messaging. Costs range from $3.99 a month (for a year), $7.99 month-to-month and $56.99 for lifetime usage.

What our mums said: You don't need to pay to feel the benefits of Glow. It's “simple and accurate,” says our Instagram mum @emlaw88.

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