There certainly isn't a shortage of options when it comes to finding something to buy your child. It doesn't matter if your child is a gamer, a Disney fan or you are just looking for something fun to do together on a rainy day, the chances are there's a plethora of different products you could buy.


That's why we've scoured a range of retailers to find the best gifts for girls of all ages for a variety of interests including LEGO®, plushies and more.

Best gifts for girls of all ages at a glance

  • Best for overall LEGO set for Minecraft® fans: The Nether Portal Ambush, £31.99
  • Best for Minecraft® creative mode players: The Turtle Beach House, £20.99
  • Best for LEGO Minecraft® set for animal fans: The Animal Sanctuary, £17.99
  • Best for LEGO Friends fans: Olly and Paisley's Family Houses, £89.99
  • Best for Disney fans: LEGO® | Disney Brickheadz Stitch, £9.99
  • Best for Encanto fans: LEGO® | Disney Isabela's Flowerpot, £39.99
  • Best for building together: Bouquet of Roses, £54.99
  • Best plushie for Minecraft® fans: Minecraft® Panda Plush, £12
  • Best for LEGO flower arrangements: Sunflowers, £12.99
  • Best for display: Cherry Blossoms, £12.99
  • Best for animal fans: Forest Animals: Red Fox, £44.99
  • Best LEGO clothing: LEGO Pyjamas, £8
  • Best gift for school: Minecraft® School Bag, £17.49
  • Best Minecraft® accessory: Minecraft® Pig Money Bank, £16.99

Best gifts for girls of all ages in 2024

1. The Nether Portal Ambush, £31.99

– Best for adventurous Minecraft® fans


Ages: 8+ | Pieces: 352

LEGO and Minecraft® are a perfect match, right? The whole LEGO Minecraft® range is perfect for Minecraft® fans but The Nether Portal Ambush set is definitely a standout.

Just in case you're not in the know, the Nether is a sinister alternate realm in Minecraft® full of lava, strange mobs (that's Minecraft® for monster) and mysterious ruins.

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This set perfectly captures the vibrant colours of the Nether and even includes some of the standout mobs like the Ghast (though, you'll have to provide the spooky sound effects).

This set invites creativity much like Minecraft® itself and is perfect for bringing those in-game adventures to life.

Available from: LEGO

2. The Turtle Beach House, £20.99

– Best for creative Minecraft® players


Ages: 8+ | Pieces: 234

Maybe the Nether isn't really right for the Minecraft® fan in your house. Maybe, they're the kind of player who spends hours building the strangest and most creative house they can in game. Enter The Turtle Beach House.

With a detailed interior, including a bed, table, furnace and crafting table, the house has all the essentials you child needs to prepare for their next adventure, whether they're venturing out to spot turtles on the beach or they're taking on the trident wielding drowned mob.

Available from: LEGO

3. The Animal Sanctuary, £17.99

– Best for Minecraft® animal fans

Animal Sanctuary

Ages: 7+ | Pieces: 206

Does your child absolutely love all the animals of Minecraft®? Maybe they spend their time taming wolves or farming?

The LEGO Minecraft® Animal Sanctuary set is perfect for the animal-loving gamer in your house.

It comes complete with an adorable baby wolf, cat, cow, sheep and rabbit, as well as a slightly less cute baby zombie for them to battle.

Available from: LEGO

4. Olly and Paisley's Family Houses, £89.99

Best for LEGO Friends fans

Olly and Paisley Family Houses

Ages: 7+ | Pieces: 1126

What if your little builder is a LEGO Friends fan? Thankfully, the LEGO Friends neighbourhood just added two new houses with the Olly and Paisley's Family Houses sets.

Colourful blocks combined with a range of play opportunities including a treehouse for Olly and Paisley to hang out in, make this set a winner.

The set comes with 6 minifigures, accessories, and both houses have 2 floors, giving your child plenty of room to dream up Olly and Paisley's next adventure.

Available from: LEGO

5. LEGO® | Disney BreakHeadz Stitch, £9.99

– Best for Disney fans

LEGO Stitch

Ages: 10+ | Pieces: 152

Don't be fooled by the size of this set. Just like Stitch himself, this set is surprisingly intricate. The BrickHeadz maybe small but they pack in a fantastic level of detail and play potential for the price.

The latest character to show up in the range is none other than everyone's favourite alien, Stitch.

The LEGO version of Stitch is every bit as adorable as his animated counterpart with his trademark pink ears and button nose.

This set is perfect for the Disney fan whose looking to show their Lilo & Stitch love.

Available from: LEGO

6. LEGO® | Disney Isabela's Flowerpot, £39.99

– Best for Encanto fans

Isabela's flowerpot encanto lego set

Ages: 9+ | Pieces: 641

The best part of Encanto (aside from the music, of course) was the magical Madrigal family with their wonderful array of powers. One of the most vibrant characters in the film, Isabela, has been brought to colourful life in the Isabela's Flowerpot set.

Not only does it work as a great display piece, inside you'll find a snapshot of Isabela's botanical bedroom complete with floral furniture.

The set brings to life many of the fun details from the film while also opening the world of Encanto for new adventures. And when you're child is done playing? Display the flower pot in their room.

Available from: LEGO

7. Bouquet of Roses, £54.99

– Best for building together

Lego roses new

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 822

This ultra-realistic Bouquet of Roses set from the new botanical theme is perfect for bringing some colour into your home. And, as an added bonus, you'll never need to water them.

The set is definitely on the more complicated side with a lot of intricate pieces making it more suited for older children.

Built to be displayed, the Bouquet of Roses set is packed with detail including the ability to depict roses in 3 stages of flowering as well as the ability to arrange them in a vase thanks to their long stems.

Available from: LEGO

8. Minecraft® Panda Plush, £12

- Best plushie for gamers

Minecraft Panda Plush

Age: 3+

If your child isn't into LEGO but you're still looking for something Minecraft® themed to pick up then this adorable soft panda plushie is a great option.

Thankfully they've softened up the blocky Minecraft® style to make this cute and cuddly plush making for a great, reasonably priced gift for the Minecraft® fan in your house.

Available from: The Entertainer

9. Sunflowers, £12.99

– Best for LEGO flower arrangements

lego sunflower

Ages: 8+ | Pieces: 191

Bring that botanical brilliance home on a slightly smaller scale with the LEGO Sunflower set.

This perfect springtime build offers the same level of detail as the Bouquet of Roses in a smaller, less complex set that's perfect for children who want to bring some colour to their bedroom.

Like the rest of the botanical theme, the Sunflowers come with long stems that make them ideal for arranging in a flower pot ready to brighten any space.

Available from: LEGO

10. Cherry Blossoms, £12.99

– Best for displaying after playing

lego cherry blossom

Ages: 8+ | Pieces: 430

Is your child not a sunflower fan? Or maybe they want to expand their flower arrangement? Either way, the Cherry Blossoms set is perfectly pink addition to any LEGO botanical bedroom.

These intricate flowers come in white and pink as well as just pink variants and both are arranged on a detailed stem ready for display.

Available from: LEGO

11. Forest Animals: Red Fox, £44.99

– Best for animal fans

lego forest animal red fox

Age: 9+ | Pieces: 667

The LEGO Creator Forest Animals range brings to life an adorable menagerie of creatures including this posable Red Fox.

When built, you can move the head, neck, legs, paws and, of course, the characteristic bushy fox tail allowing breadth of play potential.

The 667 pieces and intricate detail mean it is definitely on the more complicated side making it a perfect set to build together with your child.

The set also includes a detailed tree to help bring the adventure to life.

Available from: LEGO

12. LEGO Pyjamas, £8

- Best LEGO clothing

LEGO Pyjamas

Age: 1.5 - 10

A fun pair of pyjamas can be a great gift for any age and this light blue set from the H&M LEGO collection is certainly fun.

Colourful bricks cover the 100% cotton pyjama top and bottoms. An added bonus is that these LEGO bricks don't hurt when you step on them.

Available from: H&M

13. Minecraft® School Bag, £17.49

- Best gift for school

Minecraft school bag - pink

The Minecraft® panda theme continues with this vibrant pink school bag.

The bag has two pockets, one large and one small at the front, as well as a drink bottle holder. It's also got a padded back and straps to help improve comfort.

But aside from that, it's also just really colourful and really cool.

Available from: Debenhams

14. Minecraft® Pig Money Bank, £16.99

- Best Minecraft® accessory

minecraft money bank

Encourage your child to save the pennies in style with this fun money bank take on the Minecraft® pig.

One of the classic Minecraft® mobs, the fun, square shaped pink pig always makes for a fun accessory.

This particular pig brings the added benefit of encouraging your child to save their spare change too.


Available from: Amazon