The My Little Pony movie came out in UK cinemas just a few weeks ago (as if you didn’t already know ?).


And that means a slew of new toys featuring Pinkie Pie, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and the whole gang… but what's currently available in the UK?

And is there more to purchase than a plush Rainbow Dash or dino Spike?

There certainly is – from board games, activity sets and bath toys to collectibles and soft plushies - we've rounded up some of the most exciting toys My Little Pony has to offer (just in time for Christmas, too.)

Here are 11 of the best My Little Pony toys…

1. My Little Pony: My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle


What it is: An all-singing, all-talking, light-flashing, moving Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Why we love it: Given the price tag, we’d say the latest iteration of Twilight Sparkle really is one to think about as a main Christmas gift.

We love everything about Princess Twilight Sparkle, from her chatty nature to her light-up horn.

Her 90+ phrases involves lots of imaginative story-telling, and encourages talking. The glowy horn’s really pretty – but touch it and Princess Sparkle will start telling you about her magic spells.

She also stays put (though you can adjust her legs), so you won’t catch her running around the house.

Generally, she’s pretty mesmerizing – you can watch this Twilight Sparkle toy in action on the MadeForMumsToys Youtube channel.

Suitable for ages: 6 years+

What it costs: £119.99 from Argos, and £139.99 from Smyths Toys

2. My Little Pony Fash’ems


What it is: Cute (and small) collectible versions of our favourite regal ponies.

Why we love it: Purse-friendly Fash’ems come in at £3.50 a pop, ideal when you want to buy your child a treat, but not the whole toy shop.

Each fash'em features one of the beloved pony characters in a petite, squidgy form – they are indeed quite squashy - you simply purchase a capsule and get a nice surprise when you find out who is inside!

You can either pick up a couple of these My Little Pony squishy pops until your little one’s found their faves, or go the whole nine and collect the full set over time.

We think Applejack and Fluttershy are especially cute, with their colorful and glittery manes.

Suitable for ages: 4 years +

What it costs: £3.50, from The Entertainer

3. Play-Doh Rainbow Dash Style Salon


What it is: An official My Little Pony Play-Doh set, which lets you create a rainbow-coloured mane for pony Rainbow Dash.

Why we love it: This well-priced set comes with 6 different Play-Doh colours, and what’s called an ‘extruder’ in the shape of Rainbow Dash.

Basically, it’s Rainbow Dash without the rainbow, which means your child gets to use the doh to create a colourful hair, wings and tail look and press or push it through. You also get some little plasticky scissors for your budding hairdresser to chop and change their mane design.

It’s a fun take on the classic arty fave that is Play-Doh, and promotes individuality. Little ones certainly don’t have to make Rainbow Dash look as she does in the TV show… time to get creative!

Suitable for ages: 3 years +

What it costs: £15.99, at Argos and Toys R Us

4. My Little Pony: The Movie Seashell Lagoon Playset


What it is: Taken right from the Oct 2017 film, this playset is a pink and purple underwater lagoon from the region of Seaquestria.

Why we love it: In addition to your usual – lights, movable doors, a swinging hammock – this My Little Pony playset also has the option to create real bubbles and watch ‘em float up. Well, we are under water in Seaquestria, after all! Perfect for imaginative play.

The set comes with the Pinkie Pie sea pony, a fish figure, more than a dozen accessories and (can you believe) the 3 AA batteries necessary for all the fun features to start working ASAP! Overall, this My Little Pony movie toy makes for a nice gift.

Suitable for ages: 3 years +

What it costs: £41.99, from The Entertainer

5. TY My Little Pony Small Princess Celestia Soft Toy


What it is: A small (22cm x 10cm) plushy version of Equestria’s noble ruler, Princess Celestia

Why we love it: TY soft toys are classics, so we’re really pleased to see they’ve immortalised the shining star of the My Little Pony universe, Princess Celestia.

We like this particular toy for several reasons: she’s easy to carry around, snuggle with at bedtime, or keep as safe as a collectible.

You can also get Princess Cadence in the same size, from the same retailer.

Suitable for ages: We're not quite sure...

What it costs: £10, from Claire's Accessories

6. My Little Pony Tea Pot Palace


What it is: An afternoon tea set, the colour of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Why we love it: So, your tot is My Little Pony mad, and already owns the whole gang. Name a Princess pony and they’ve got her. What else can you get them?

Kitchenware toys are always great for little ones – it’s subconsciously teaching them about chores and cooking (something they’ll no doubt have to learn when they’re older).

With this charming lilac set, featuring sweet opening and closing sounds as well as My Little Pony character details on the cups and pot, you can allow your little one to enjoy the fun of afternoon tea, all the while secretly teaching them social skills and how to treat a piping hot kettle or pot. Pretty clever!

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Suitable for ages: 3 years +

What it costs: £7, from Smyths Toys and Amazon

7. My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Swimming Seapony


What it is: A waterproof Pinkie Pie – reimagined as a sea pony – inspired by the upcoming My Little Pony movie.

Why we love it: Unlike many My Little Pony toys, your child can have a splash around with this one! Pinkie Pie’s legs have been replaced by a mermaid tail, which means she’s ready for some underwater fun.

Once you’ve added batteries, Pinkie Pie can swim unaided, while her tail glows and sparkles beneath the water. And after lots of bathtime play, your little one can comb and style her lustrous locks. Comes with an appropriately-sized brush!

Suitable for ages: 3 years +

What it costs: £19.99 from Smyths Toys, and £24.99 at Very

8. My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Spitfire and Soarin Action Pack


What it is: Action figurines of My Little Pony characters Spitfire and Soarin.

Why we love it: Mixing it up away the original cast, here we have Spitfire and Soarin, 2 ponies on a mission. The toy comes with both figures – plus a set of super-wings you can attach to either guardian and which spring out when they’re ready for action.

Suitable for ages: 4 years +

What it costs: £15.00, from Smyths Toys

9. My Little Pony Hair & Make Up


What it is: A wardrobe-style hair and make-up case, featuring an eyeshadow, nail polish, lipstick, some jewellery and hair accessories, and 4 velcro ponies you can attach to the wardrobe.

Why we love it: Playtime with make-up’s not for everyone, and we totally get that. But if your little one loves to play with mum’s Mac lippy, it’s always handy to get them a more child-friendly, budget-friendly set! That’s why we like this new My Little Pony case.

It’s ideal because the focus isn’t just on make-up, but also accessories and of course, making their hair just as fab as the colourful and bouncing manes our fave My Little Pony ponies sport.

The make-up’s not so ‘real’ either – everything’s in play-pretend shades of lilac and bubblegum pink. Think Twilight Sparkle!

Suitable for ages: TBC

What it costs: £20, from Argos

10. My Little Pony Poppin Pinkie Game


What it is: A fun game for little ones - but not quite a board game, more like a cake game!

Why we love it: This sweet, My Little Pony pop game is simple and straightforward – all you gotta do is put the candles in the cake, and then Pinkie Pie jumps out. A nice alternative to a plushy toy for a very young fan of My Little Pony.

Suitable for ages: 3 years +

What it costs: £12.99, from Matalan

11. My Little Pony Ultimate Pony Rarity


What it is: A customisable, light up Rarity figure.

Why we love it: Rarity here is an ultimate pony – from the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic range. What makes her different from other, similar pony figures is her 'cutie magic marks'.

They're diamonds adorning her body and legs, which sparkle and light up when pressed. (Don't worry, batteries are included).

You can also decorate her with stickers - a perfect opportunity to encourage creativity.

Suitable for ages: 6 years +

What it costs: £23.99 from Games Quest, and £26 from Debenhams

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