There are some fun, splashy, budget-friendly bath toys on the market right now - but they might not necessarily be 'mold-free'.


Usually, a little bit of mold in a bath toy is not a huge problem, and can easily be solved with some cleaning.

However, we totally understand that some parents would prefer to purchase bath toys that do not allow a build-up of mold inside...

How do you know if a bath toy is a no-mold bath toy?

Usually, if a toy is mold-resistant, that'll be one of its clear selling points - so it'll be pretty obvious in the retailer's description online.

With bath toys, a good indicator is whether or not the toy is all one piece. If so, there's no room for water to get inside the toy, and potentially develop mould.

For example, bath toys with little holes in the bottom aren't mold-free, as water can enter the toy and stay there.

Is it no-mold if it's BPA, phthalates or PVC free?

A fair few of the toys in our list are proud to call themselves BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, in addition to being mold-resistant.

BPA is a chemical that is used in certain types of plastic, and phthalates are added to plastic to make it more flexible. Both carry possible health risks - so are sometimes avoided. For example, you might've heard of BPA-free baby bottles.

PVC is an environmentally-questionable material we know some parents would rather opt to avoid.

So, just because they are free of these things doesn't mean they're guaranteed to be no-mould. Technically, though, it does make them 'non-toxic'.

Now, check out 10 of the best no-mould bath toys…

1. Cuddledry CuddleDuck, £7.95

cuddledry cuddleduck

Age: From birth

What it is: A classic duck made with natural rubber, with no hole in the bottom. Available with pink or blue dots, to suit your little one's preference.

Why we love it: The claim is that this duck is naturally antibactierial and anti-mould, as well as pthalate free and non toxic. The paint is also safe according to the EU Toy Safety Directive (EN71).

It's all lovely and soft, too, and comes in a sweet organza bag which makes it an excellent gift for new babies.

Available from: Natural Baby Shower

2. Boon Fleet Stacking Boats, approx £27

boon fleet

Age: 9 months +

What it is: A set of 5 colourful boats which your child can use to scoop up, pour and sprinkle bath water, or stack into a pile.

Why we love it: These boats def promote interactive play, and are BPA, Phthlate and PVC free. There are little sprinkle holes, but nowhere for water to get stuck - something parent reviewers really enjoyed.

They do need a bit of hand washing with warm and soapy water, though. But then... don't most toys need taking care of?

Available from: Boon Inc and Amazon

3. Hevea Kawan Mini Rubber Duck, £10

hevea kawan rubber duck

Age: From birth

What it is: A stunning hand-painted, off-white, natural rubber duck that is all one piece, so no holes for water to creep inside and get all germy.

Why we love it: Yes, £10 for a floaty rubber duck may seem a little on the expensive side, but you're guaranteed a bath toy free from PVC, phthalate and BPA.

We also like that it's A-OK for teething too, making it multi-purpose. And it's another duck that we think would make a charming gift for a newborn in your life.

Available from: Arket

4. Ubbi Squeeze N Switch Bath Toys, approx £11.52

ubbi squeeze toys

Age: 9 months +

What it is: 4 interchangeable (mix and match!) bath toys, including a red octopus, blue wheel green penguin, and a yellow pufferfish.

Why we love it: Twist, squeeze and pop the lids on different bottoms - there's lots of colourful, splashy fun to be had with these cute toys.

They do allow water inside but as the water stays inside with a lid, it's easy to pour out and see when it's been left inside. As its not being hidden in a little hole, you're not at risk for a mouldy build up.

They're free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, and you can pop 'em in the dishwasher to clean. Nifty!

Available from: Amazon and Kidly

5. Edushape Floating Blocks Bath Toy, £20

edushape blocks bath toy

Age: 18 months +

What it is: Bright-coloured and super chunky building blocks made of foam. Comes with a foamy base, and a net bag to help drain the foam once playtime's done.

Why we love it: It's "extraordinarily resistant to mould and mildew and will not absorb water or misshapen" - handy!

These blocks, which DO float in the water, also won Silver in our 2016 MadeForMums Toy Awards, and are standing the test of the time.

Our child testers really enjoyed it, and we like that it's a mould-free option for toddlers, not just little babies.

Available from: Amazon

6. Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers, £4.49

munchkin caterpillar spillers

Age: 9 months +

What it is: 7 cheap and cheerful rainbow-coloured caterpillar cups that can be stacked, linked and used to pour/strain water.

Why we love it: It's value for money - providing bathtime fun time and time again at a very low price point.

The cups all fit into each other so are pretty compact when stacked, perfect for storing away. And there's a little spinner on one of the cups. An added bonus!

Available from: Amazon

7. Munchkin Float Play Bubbles, £14.96

munchkin toy bubbles

Age: 4 months +

What it is: You get 4 'bubbles' per set, which are little plastic spheres containing 2 fun bathtime characters and 2 devices which whirl around.

Why we love it: Designed to stimulate a bright-eyed baby's senses of sight, sound and touch, these floating bubbles certainly do the trick.

They're bright and engaging when spinning and rattling - and floating - away in the tub. They're also quite textured, so are good for your baby to grab and hold.

Notice there's no entry point for water to get in, making them no-mould, as far as we can tell!

We like that there are a couple of animal characters, too - as opposed to one caterpillar or one duck!

Available from: Amazon

8. Edushape Magic Creation Jungle Fun Bath Shapes, £12.99


Age: 2 years +

What it is: 18 decent-sized (ranging from 8cm - 23cm) animal and jungle-themed shapes that stick to smooth surfaces when they're wet! Comes with a net bag to keep 'em stored.

Why we love it: These jungle bath shapes are chunky, floaty and super fun to stick on bathroom tiles after being dipped in the bath.

Ideal for toddlers who are learning about animals, creating stories with pictures and LOVE to grab a hold of as much as possible.

Plus, there's no hole in these toys and as one mum says: "they seem to be chew proof (in spite of numerous attempts to eat them!)"

Available from: John Lewis

Image: Retailer websites

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