10 of the best potty training reward charts

Using a potty training chart with stickers or stars can really help your little one to keep on track when you're toilet training. Here are the best cartoon and personalised charts available now from Amazon, Not On The High Street and eBay...


Lots of potty training experts cite reward charts as a great way to encourage your child to use their potty.


If you’re thinking of starting potty training soon – or have already started and it’s not going as well as you’d hoped – maybe putting a potty training sticker chart in place is something to consider.

You simply add stickers each time your child uses their potty correctly, which could help them to become a bit more excited about the process and eager to get on their potty more and more.

There are some great potty training reward charts around – and they all vary slightly. Some have columns for each day of the week and various options to tick, including:

  • done a poo
  • done a wee
  • washed their hands
  • wiped correctly
  • sat in their potty for a bit
  • not had any accidents at night
  • pulled their pants up and down themselves

…and more.

Most have a range of themes, and we’ve also included a generic reward chart you can use for other activities too.

Check out 10 of the best potty training reward charts…

1. Bing Potty Training Reward Chart, £2.99


Available from: eBay

2. Mr Men Personalised Potty Training Reward Chart, £3.49


Available from: Amazon

3. Peppa Pig Potty Training Reward Chart, £4.95


Available from: eBay

4. Hey Duggee Potty Training Reward Chart, £3.99


Available from: Funky Monkey House

5. Thomas Potty Training Sticker Chart, £4.95


Available from: Amazon

6. Dinosaur Potty Training Reward Chart, £9.13


Available from: Etsy

7. Unicorn Sticker Reward Chart, £13.50


Available from: Not On The High Street

8. Gruffalo Potty Training Reward Chart, £2.95


Available from: eBay

9. The Ultimate Potty Training Reward Chart, £11.99


Available from: Amazon

10. Personalised Sticker Chart and Book, £14.99


Available from: Not On the High Street

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