Lots of potty training experts cite reward charts as a great way to encourage your child to use their potty.


If you're thinking of starting potty training soon - or have already started and it's not going as well as you'd hoped - maybe putting a potty training sticker chart in place is something to consider.

You simply add stickers each time your child uses their potty correctly, which could help them to become a bit more excited about the process and eager to get on their potty more and more.

There are some great potty training reward charts around - and they all vary slightly. Some have columns for each day of the week and various options to tick, including:

  • done a poo
  • done a wee
  • washed their hands
  • wiped correctly
  • sat in their potty for a bit
  • not had any accidents at night
  • pulled their pants up and down themselves

Most have a range of themes, and we've also included a generic reward chart you can use for other activities too.

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Check out 10 of the best potty training reward charts...

1. Space Design Potty Training Reward Chart £3.49


This space-themed toilet training chart is great for getting aspiring astronauts excited about potty training. The A4 chart is laminated with 5 simple boxes for kids to tick off.

There are 90 star stickers are included as well as a pen, so you can write or stick your way through the various stages and keep track of their progress. There’s also a box at the end with space to determine a reward for their perseverance.

Available from: Amazon

2. Paw Patrol Potty Training Chart, £2.97

Paw Patrol Potty Chart

Fans of the hit TV show Paw Patrol will especially like this potty chart, which features kids’ favourite characters to cheer them on. The simple boxes can be ticked off with a pen or marked with stickers, both of which are included in the purchase.

You can choose whether you’d like the chart titled “Potty Chart” or “Toilet Chart” depending on what stage your little one is up to and there’s an option to order 100 extra stickers for an additional £1.29, too.

Available from: eBay

3. Children’s Dinosaur Reward Chart, £12.50

Reward chart

This sturdy metal chart is wipeable as well as magnetic so it can be used in multiple ways. The chart can be customised with whichever reward stage you choose and, as the board can be wiped clean, these can be updated for each step in their journey.

The reward chart is dinosaur themed and is set out in a 7 day timetable view for up to 4 tasks. Each task is coloured-coded with space for a corresponding reward at the bottom of the chart, to help keep kids motivated to improve.

Available from: Not On the High Street

4. Hey Duggee Potty Training Reward Chart, £2.97

Hey Duggee potty chart

Little ones can join recognisable friends from Cbeebies’ Hey Duggee as they track their potty training progress on this chart.

There are five options to tick off and the chart comes with free sticker sets so children can add colourful stars and shapes to plot their achievements.

This chart is A4 so it should fit on the back of the bathroom door or fridge door to be displayed at home.

Available from: eBay

5. Toddlers Princess Potty Training Reward Chart, £3.49


Just what every princess fan needs, this themed reward chart is designed to encourage kids to be proud of their achievements along the way. The chart is A4 and laminated, so it can be written on, wiped and written on again.

Like most of the charts we’ve found, stickers are included along with a wipeable pen. There’s also space to write in a reward so children can be reminded of it.

Available from: Amazon

6. Dinosaur Potty Training Reward Chart, £9.13

Dinosaur Potty Chart

This simple dinosaur potty training chart consists of unlabelled circles, so you’re not tied to exactly which tasks to reward. Included are a selection of red, orange and green dinosaur stickers which could be attributed to different behaviours chosen by you.

The chart is made by an independent seller on Etsy who has over 1,000 positive shop reviews. Previous buyers were impressed with the amount of stickers provided, including one parent who said, “Adorable…My little boy absolutely loves it and is so excited to earn more potty stickers.”

Available from: Etsy

7. Unicorn Sticker Reward Chart, £13.50


This unicorn themed chart can be personalised with your child’s name as well as with the specific function of the reward chart. The difference with this chart is that it follows a game-board like path. The spaced out flowers, hearts, stars and rainbows signify different rewards or achievements as they reach them.

Great for making potty training tracking feel more like a fun game, this is a more personal as well as engaging way of incorporating a reward chart into your training routine.

Available from: Not On The High Street

8. My Carry Potty Travel Potty Training Pack, £14.99


This travel set from John Lewis is a full potty training pack, including a story book, reward box, chart, certificate and more.

It fits all in the one box so you can keep it together and transport it with you if you need to keep up the potty training work elsewhere.

The chart itself is organised as a weekly view with blank spaces which can be marked for any task you choose. The certificate is also a great way to show proper recognition for all the hard work your little one (and you) have put in.

Available from: John Lewis

9. The Ultimate Potty Training Reward Chart, £15.99

Ultimate potty training chart

This ultimate potty training chart by the Victoria Chart Company also comes with a “10 Positive Steps to Successful Potty Training” guide as well as lots of different sized and shaped stickers.

The chart has over 100 positive ratings on Amazon. One parent who’d bought the chart said, “My 4-year-old daughter loved this. We used it for about 3-4 months to help her recover from potty regression after her brother was born.”

Other reviewers mentioned they were impressed with the addition of behaviours such as asking to go to the bathroom and managing to sit on the potty, which could also be rewarded.

Available from: Amazon

10. Personalised Peppa Pig Potty Training Reward Chart, £3.15

Peppa Pig reward chart

This potty training chart can be personalised with your child’s name so they can really take ownership and be proud of how well they’re doing.

The bright colours and Peppa Pig theme should be extra appealing to fans of the character and the chart can be ordered in a choice of pink, green or blue background.

This chart also offers a week-long view which helps keep track of toddler’s daily progress.

Available from: MOglie and eBay


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