1. Gro-clock by The Gro Company, £19.99, MFM Gold Award Winner

The beauty of the MadeForMums gold award-winning Gro-clock is its super simple concept – it’s not time to get out of bed until the clock’s glowing ‘Mr Star’ face turns into a sun.


Suitable from 2 years, the Gro-Clock is packed with thoughtful features, like the option to set two different wake up times for week days, or weekends.

It is silent to operate, has adjustable screen brightness, and you can set a digital clock to appear as well, to help your toddler learn to tell the time.

This could be the best £19.99 you ever spend!

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about The Gro Company’s Gro-clock:

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“Fantastic product. Really works.” Mum of 1, Meena

“Have used this since my son was a toddler and now we’re using it for my daughter too, so it is well worth the investment! They love switching it on, and it’s easy for them to understand to stay in bed until the sun comes up – plus it makes a fab nightlight.” Mum of 2, Magda

Available from: Amazon

2. Sleep Tight All Night Teddy by Golden Bear, £29.99, MFM Silver Award Winner

He’s soft and huggable and with his glowing tummy, the Sleep Tight All Night teddy helps to provide comfort for your little one, a good reason why this bear scooped the silver gong in the MadeForMums Awards 2017.

Set the timer for the duration of sleep or nap time, and the Sleep Tight All Night toy’s tummy will glow a relaxing bedtime red, before turning green when it’s time to get up and go!

Battery-powered and with a choice of 5 soothing sounds including raindrops, heartbeat, and crickets, the soft toy can also be set to no sound, if preferred, and used from 12 months.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Sleep Tight All Night Teddy:

“Really like this as a younger toddler sleep trainer. Use of lights is lovely. Very appealing to child.” Mum of 3, Helen

“A brilliant idea! A grown up Ewan the Dream Sheep.” Mum of 1, Rachel

Available from: Debenhams

3. Pam the Penguin Sleep Trainer and Nightlight, £39.99, MFM Bronze Award Winner

This super cute Pam the Penguin sleep trainer and nightlight will happily perch by the bedside and help show your little one when it is time to get up.

She glows orange when it’s almost time to rise and shine, and turns green when your child can start their day – a feature that helped Pam win the bronze gong in the MFM Awards 2017 toddler sleep training category.

Including a Bluetooth speaker to play music or stories through, Pam can be set to emit a softly glowing light the entire night or switch off automatically after 30 minutes.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about Pam the Penguin:

“I really like him. I wish this had existed when I was trying to get my child to sleep!” Mum of 1, Rachel

“Great product, reasonable price.” Mum of 2, Katie

Available from: Amazon

4. Summer Infant Slumber Buddies nightlight, £24.99

Whether you use this for your toddler or preschooler as a comforter or as a cute toy nightlight, it's sure to be a night time favourite.

The Slumber Buddy will light the entire room with colourful glowing stars and soothing music to make your little one feel safe and, as it’s battery-powered, it can be taken along on trips away.

As well as Eddie the Elephant, the nightlight also comes in butterfly, bee, hippo and frog designs.

Available from: Amazon

5. Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind, £29.99

Perfect for creating a dark environment, even on summer nights, this blackout blind fits directly onto window glass using suckers, and each side can be shortened to ensure a good fit on most size windows.

This blind is the ideal way to block out light on long summer evenings and it even packs into a handy travel bag.

Weighing just 740g, you can take it away on holiday with you too, which is why one of our MFM forum mums called it "ruddy brilliant."

Available from: John Lewis

6. The Bloc Out Blind by Bloc Blinds, from £78

Scooping the silver prize in the MadeForMums Awards 2017 nursery accessory category, the Bloc Out Blind was praised for its made-to-measure feature.

With more than 120 designs, including plain black, white, grey and cream, there are also child-friendly options to choose from – dinosaurs, kites, spots and even starry skies and jumping sheep. Zzzz.

Buy from Bloc Blinds.


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Magda Ibrahim is a freelance writer who has written for publications including The Times and Sunday Times, The Sun, Time Out, and the London Evening Standard, as well for MadeForMums.