Whether you're hitting the road or taking a train or even jetting off on a plane, you'll need something bright, colourful, tactile and compact to keep your baby happy and occupied in the long hours ahead.


Here's our pick of the best travel toys for babies from birth up...

1. ‘Say Hello’ Travel Mobile, £10

east coast say hello mobile

Age: From birth

What it is: This 18cm x 15cm x10 cm soft cloud mobile makes a sweet chime noise and also has a little mirror. The fabric toys have a nice texture and one has rainbow-coloured ribbons to pull and stroke. Good, long 'lead' string, so it dangles down nicely low.

Why we love it: It's simple, bright and nicely designed – with good touchy-feely bits. Plus, its crocodile-style clip means it attaches to pretty much anything you want it to really quickly and easily (unlike some ring clips).

Available from: Kidly, Uber Kids and Boots

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2. Jellycat Farm Tails Book, £14

Age: From birth

What it is: A 30cm x 20cm x 30cm soft cloth book that's bursting with fabric animal tails too pull out and feel. It has a loop so it can be attached to your baby's car seat or buggy. Sponge-clean only.

Why we love it: The pages make nice crackly sounds, the text is fun (for you to read out, obvs) and, as well as the animal tails, there's a little button to press to make a 'moo' sound.

Available from: Jellycat, John Lewis, Amazon

early learning centre buggy driver

3. Lights and Sounds Buggy Driver, £30

Age: 6 months+

What it is: A 14cm x 39.5cm x 20cm 'car' that attaches to your buggy, so that your baby can drive. It has a steering wheel, horn, gear stick, radio, mirrors and indicators. Comes in red or pink. Should fit most pushchairs. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Why we love it: It’s a toy that will grow with your child: at first, it's all about the colours, shapes and sounds but, but as your baby gets older, she will love feeling in charge of their journey. Great value but do note that it only plays 2 songs.

Available from: Early Learning Centre and Amazon


4. Lamaze Play and Grow Captain Calamari, £15.99

Age: From birth

What it is: A 12cm x10cm x 24cm soft pirate-style octopus with differently coloured and textured legs, little knots and clacking rings. Comes with a small hoop soft for attaching to buggies or carriers. Sponge-clean only.

Why we love it: It's great-quality and beautifully made, with so many different textures to feel – we especially like the crinkle of his jaunty purple hat.

Available from: John Lewis, Amazon and Uber Kids


5. Manhattan Toy Co Whoozit Spiral Toy, £34.01

Age: From birth

What it is: This 19cm x 48cm activity centre is designed to wrap around the bars and handles of prams, car seats and cots. Dangling from the fabric strip are 3 activity toys featuring a baby-safe mirror, squeaks and rattles and lots of different textures to touch.

Why we love it: It's super-adaptable and super-portable, and the colours and textures are just wonderful. Do remember that wrapping toys round cot bars is not safe for babies under 6 months.

Available from: Amazon

done by deer antee musical toy

6. Done by Deer Musical Toy Antee, £22

Age: From birth

What it is: A 23cm x 13cm Scandi-style 100% cotton musical toy: pull the tail to hear a lullaby. Comes with a Velcro tab for attaching to buggies and car seats. Wipe-clean only.

Why we love it: He's a good, cuddly size, just beautiful to look at and touch, and we love his crinkly, expandable tail. Simple but gorgeous.

Available from: Uber Kids

skip hop avocado farm stand toy

7. Skip Hop Farm Stand Avocado Pram Toy, £12

Age: From birth

What it is: A 22cm x 9cm x 12cm hanging rattle is designed to fit on your baby’s buggy or car seat. Its two halves stick together, with a peekaboo rattle ‘pit’ at the centre. Wipe-clean only.

Why we love it: OK, we're being honest here: we love this rather more than our baby testers did! It's fun, rather not top-of-the-range entertaining – but just look at its cuteness!

Available from: John Lewis

mothercare beeping bus

8. Mothercare On The Road Beeping Bus Activity Toy, £8

Age: From birth

What it is: A 22cm x 15cm x 6cm red fabric bus with a teether and ribbons that you can squeeze to hear it beep. Attaches to your pushchair with a C-clip.

Why we love it: It's soft and squishy, with great detail on the animal passengers. Great price – and a big hit with our baby testers.

Available from: Mothercare

dear zoo buggy book

9. Dear Zoo Buggy Book, £4.55

Age: From birth

What is: A 9cm square buggy-friendly hard-board version of Rod Campbell's classic animal-themed book.

Why we love it: The bright, baby-friendly pictures make this a great book for babies to look at on their own while you're pushing or driving them along. It doesn't have the pull-up flaps of the 'normal' version but it's still a winner.

Available from: Amazon


10. Baby Safari Look and Play Car Mirror, £14

Age: From birth

What it is: A 26cm x 31cm activity centre that attaches to yourcar's back headrest. It has a mirror and lots of brightly coloured, crinkly attachments for your baby to look at and grab.

Why we love it: The mirror's a really good size, the flower teether rattles nicely, and we love the little touchy-feely ears on the (lion) mirror and the monkey.


Available from: Mothercare